Triple Bypass

We were expecting his surgery to move forward some time Friday..there was even discussion that he would be waiting until Monday…UGH!

Thursday morning, Kate texted that an OR opened up and they were taking him down within the hour.  The relief was stronger than the fear!  A long afternoon later he was in recovery!  Triple bypass with no complications.  We are blessed.

No room in the Inn 24 hours after his ICU stay so he is spending another night in the unit.  The family gathered In a room the size of a large bathroom today to watch him improve hour by hour.  For the most part, his pain is controlled and the care at St Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute has been amazing. 

The hospital is on the KC Country Club plaza so every night we get to see the beautiful lights. During my beloved Christmas season it is very uplifting for my soul…..and hearing well wishes from friends and family makes us feel loved.

Until next time….

One thought on “Triple Bypass

  1. Good news! What a scary whirlwind. Still sending out thoughts and prayers and onky the very best wishes. Xo hugs

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