I worry about my crush on Michael Strahan….

Before I delve into this, let me explain…  When I was young, I used to have crushes on Andy Williams, Perry Como, Tom Jones and other atypical hot entertainers and actors.  Oh holy crap…like Baltimore Orioles pitcher, Jim Palmer.


Now that I’m old, I can totally appreciate the attractiveness of younger men….like one of the golfers with the awesome eyes in the U.S. Open I watched last weekend.

But, it’s no longer about just the physical attributes!  I was in love with David Letterman’s humor and quick wit for years…but Michael Strahan has replaced him.  it’s not his eyes and huge physique…its that wit and amazing personality….I just want to believe that what I see is the real Michael.  I just can’t bring myself to believe that it is just a public Michael…he has to be the real deal…..I will/would be so disappointed if I found out that he is a wife beater or treats service people like crap……

Have you ever met someone that was physically attractive to you and then when you became more acquainted with them they became much less physically attractive once their personality or lack of personality becames obvious…and the other way around – those people who may not fit your image of attractive but as you get to know them, you see their adorable-ness start showing in their face, their eyes or their smile?  It’s the best.

and just for the record….I also love Oprah’s strength, character and soul.

…and let me name a couple of politicians that I find have attractive characters…


Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “I worry about my crush on Michael Strahan….

  1. It’s why I dare not get attached to a public figure. What if they disappoint. Better to not have loved in this case for me.


  2. I wonder if his voice got higher?


  3. You have been a stalker for a very long time haven’t you? Perry Como? Really? That’s just sick. Andy Williams died in Branson in 2012. They used to roll him out in a wheel chair with his catheter bag in his lap. He only removed his canula to sing.


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