We are all in this together!!!!

My friend, Tracy, put this on Facebook this morning.


The first 3 likes were from people who have had a cancer diagnosis.  This is so true with all joys and pain we go through in life.  When our friends and family step up to say “I’m so happy for you” or I”m so sorry” it helps, it makes us feel loved, it reminds us that we are not in this life alone and love actually does help us to heal!  Whether you believe in prayer to God, or just the energy raised up to the universe, there is healing power!

Yesterday afternoon, we finally made the decision to have Billy put to sleep.


The decision ripped at my soul.  It was agony…when he was finally at peace, I went to the parking lot leaned on the truck and let the pain and agony release in my sobs.  If you have ever loved an animal and had to put them down, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The words from friends on Facebook were healing..each was soaked into my soul so the healing can begin.

But there was a little guilt.  My friend, Tam, just lost her son…she left me a message of how sorry she was for my loss.  I don’t even have words here.  Tam is reaching out to me and has empathy for me for the loss of my kitty compared to the recent loss of her boy….no words.

….so today, I must buck up.  I know for awhile I’ll walk into the laundry room and expect to see Billy laying on the dryer turning on his back so I’ll give him some loving.  Every time I walk by the pantry cupboard, I will notice the scratch marks where he would scratch to let us know he was up there and deserved a little belly rub.  I will miss him from the bottom of my heart.  But I will heal and I hope I can send healing energy to someone else in their time of need.  I know it works!

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “We are all in this together!!!!

  1. I was just noticing the title of the post… “We are all in this together!!!!”
    Actually, I’m just along for the ride.
    This is he short bus right? Ok…just checking.

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  2. I read once that when you get to heaven you get back every pet you’ve ever had. This worries me a little bit because I’ve had tanks full of fish.

    You, however, will need a separate mansion for your managerie.

    I’m sorry about BC. You have a lot of good memories and obviously some good pics. You did the right thing for the animal you loved.

    I sometimes think I see Charlotte out of the corner of my eye wandering around or zipping through the room. She would do what I called “zooming” behavior a lot. She would take a dump in the cat box and then celebrate by running full speed up and down the stairs. It was a sight.

    I suppose if I had cat poop inside of me and got rid of it, I would be happy too. I’m not sure I’d be that happy though.

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  3. Your friend, Tam, must have an especially kind heart. My heart goes out to her. How kind of her to offer you kind words. I think though that anyone who has lost a pet knows it is its own special kind of heartbreak.

    There are some people who let their pets linger for too long. As hard as it was, you did the right thing. love and hugs

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