Please ask me about my George Foreman grill!

Another one of those success stories from Icehouse auction!

The best part was being the high bidder at $20….the second best part….. I was on the other side of the room when I bid on it and when we got ready to leave, after he carried everything to the truck, I said…..don’t forget the grill and he said, “WE BOUGHT A GRILL???”  Drawing out the Grilllll part!

I decided while he was gone, I would learn how to grill on it.  The last picture was my sweet potato slices snack this afternoon.  Just dipped in olive oil and a little salt.  Not crisp but a very satisfying snack!  It is going to be great for camping when we don’t want to wait on charcoal to heat up.

One other “food for thought” story.  Many of you know I’ve given up sugar and gluten….processed sugar and bread (because gluten free bread sucks) and use only gluten free flour and pasta.  By doing so I dumped 60-65 pounds depending on the week.  I also have my joint pain under control and my food cravings are nearly non-existent.  With company this weekend, I ate with wild abandon….my elbows and hands ached, my eye bags had eye bags and I craved sweets…I couldn’t quit thinking about food!  Monday morning scale reading was up 5 pounds….I know I didn’t eat 15,000 calories to the excess!  I’m not unhappy about the experience…it just confirmed what I already knew!

until next time……

7 thoughts on “Please ask me about my George Foreman grill!

  1. Oh – and I just had to replace the indoor foreman grill I’ve been using for at least a decade. I love that thing!

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  2. I find the more carbs I allow, the hungrier I am, depending on the carb – and the worse I feel. Trying to find the right ratio of fat/protein/carbs that works for me. In fact, playing around with my “macros” this week. Attempting to become a runner —that cracks me up — I’ve needed to take a fresh look at the LCHF way of eating I’ve been going with for a while now. It needs a re-adjustment. But – I too feel better with very low sugar/gluten (and starchy carbs). It has also helped to keep moving. When I stop for too long, so does my mobility.

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  3. I forgot to ask you about the Sugar/Gluten thing. When you say no sugar, do you include fructose, and honey in addition to the white death, sucrose?
    Also, on the gluten, do you have a list you work off of so you know the Gluten items at the store?? Do you have to cook more of your stuff and opposed to buying premade/processed? I know Hy Vee has a lot of no gluten stuff in their health food section – even snacks. Is there lots of meat like a high protein diet?

    Ground hogs want to know. Ever see a skinny ground hog? See what I mean?

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    • We actually do no processed food. We use gluten free flour and pasta. We try to use only olive oil. We only snack on fruits and yogurt. Phil eats granola. We buy jarred spaghetti sauce which does contain sugar. And yogurt has stevia. I don’t eat any sugar or fake sugar except an occasional stevia. I snack on almonds too. Meat, fruit, veg an occasional potato…eat lots of sweet potatoes…after 3 days I no longer craved junk. I drunk only water, coffee and ice tea.


    • Oh…I do use honey sparingly on my rolled oats oatmeal.


  4. It’s a meat steamer. You need something that burns charcoal and imparts actual flavor. I had the indoor variety GFG…very disappointed. It would not even stripe the meat.

    No propane either…that’s just not right.

    I know…opinions are like aholes…everyone’s got one and they all stink.

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