I fear that this may sound crazy….

A couple months ago, ahem eternity, *facial grimace, I decided I was going to give up the diet pop…well, actually pop in general and more specifically, fake sugar.  I fear that the fake sugar, carbonation and whatever else is in pop is not doing me any good.  It was horrible.  My name is Nina and I am an addict.  I had the typical addict cravings but each time I just said no.  I replaced my pop consumption with bottled water.  I noticed a couple of days ago and again just now (which inspired me to share) that cold water smoothly slides down my throat and feels good.  I don’t get the same feeling from a glass of water with ice…once I started focusing on the soft, smooth feel of it trickling down my throat, I started enjoying it….it’s taken me a couple of months to get here…unlike

August was the 14 year mark since I have smoked cigarettes.  I have no idea how I really quit other than something was more important to me that my 2 pack a day puffing.  But the horrible fact of the matter, I occasionally still have a strong desire to smoke.  Mostly when I think of relaxing…case in point, driving down the street in Siesta Key, Florida, I glanced up at balconies on condos and thought – that would be awesome to sit out there on a cool night watching the sunset and smoking a cigarette……WHAT?  WHY DO I KEEP HAVING THESE THOUGHTS.

That’s my sharing for the day.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “I fear that this may sound crazy….

  1. Nicotine is wonderful. Use dip. It’s a better buzz without the carbon monoxide. Lots of women indulge now. I saw a female that you know doing it at Julie’s funeral. I also knew a girl on the track team at ACU that chewed Red Man. She looked like she could have beat the crap out of me if I got mouthy about it. A real He woman. Seriously, you should try it. You can quite anytime. Just ask me. I’ve quit 5 times. It’s hard to explain when someone from church sees you buy it, but they get over it. It really ticked my Mom off though. She’s probably complaining to God about it right now.


  2. I am a reformed smoker too. Though, I don’t actually remember when I quit. Five years? eight years? I dunno. But I smoke from when I was a small child to sometime around 40ish. For about 15 of those years two packs a day most of the time. I still crave it and I will not be around people who are smoking. I know it would be far to easy for me to just “try it” again. Crazyness.
    Good for you on the soda habit chickie! That’s a hard one for people to give up. It’s one of the very few vices I didn’t have to deal with. I like the occasional sodie pop but never a big drinker.


  3. My brother, who has been nicotine free for years, still craves it. I was a very casual smoker when I was a teen and probably never smoked more than several packs in total (but I lived with second hand smoke for years from my dad), I still want a cigarette occasionally. Although, I should add that I haven’t had one since July 1988.

    And pop, well, I give it up from time to time. Mostly I just don’t keep it in the house and only have it when I am out to eat.

    Both very hard addictions.


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