I have tried to remove the word “should” from conversations…but I have not been successful.  I think “should” is a stumbling block thrown out ahead of us leading to the outline letter A for failure.  The word “should” stands for what is perceived as the right leg of the journey…but ” should” really  means, I should do something because it is expected of me, perceived by me to be the correct stepping stone, the rhetorical block from doing what the other senses are screaming for me to do but I “should” take this route because……..

Since I decided my actual separation day with the county, I have been very uneasy as to what I should do.  I probably shouldn’t just live the life of leisure – craft, babysit, read, watch TV.  I probably should get out there and do something constructive and make some money.  Sitting in a couple meetings today at work, I was taking in all of the information related to buying a new 911 phone system.  While I listened to all of the details of each system, I was thinking to myself…you know, self…you really have quite a bit of knowledge stored up there, you really probably should try to stay in this field….911, emergency services, emergency management because this is what you know.  Then I realized that I’ve always done what I should do….I really need to let should reside in Iowa with someone else…there are always folks to adopt it…I’m going to try to take a different road in my pursuit of happiness.

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “Should…..

  1. there’s money in doggie day care


  2. expand your work with the orphaned pets…you would love it…may not be any money in it, but you could always get a part time job…doubt you’d need it though…mind you, I’m not saying you should, but you certainly could


  3. Dear Ms Nina,
    You have done your time. You have been strong, and dedicated and gone above and beyond in your job, your life, and your community. It’s okay to take a break.

    Just in case you needed someone else to say it. It’s hard to let go of the guilt of not doing something tangibly productive. You deserve to just do what you wanna do, and enjoy the hell out of it!


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