Full of thought today…

I was going to say full of it…but I didn’t want to think about how many people would nod their heads in an affirmative move.

Yesterday on Facebook, I shared an anti Walmart video which every Walmart hater in America probably wants to repost.  Well, not every Walmart hater…some folks hate unions and their message more.  It got a good discussion started between folks at both ends of the spectrum.  I enjoy the discussion.  I don’t have to win an argument or discussion…I love to debate just for the challenge of debating.  I also like to hear the other side.  I listen, I hear, sometimes I agree, sometimes I disagree.  But the passion of debates ends at that moment when one side starts getting mad, hateful and start arguing trying to win the other side over.  When two people can discuss a topic with passion but without anger and ugliness, it is beautiful.

I’ve had my two evenings alone in the house while he and his brother are in Missouri working…*suppress snicker…but I’m ready for him to come home.  Enough said. 

I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving….and I’m so looking forward to retirement…My countdown timer shows 88 days left – but I have less than 50 working days…

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Full of thought today…

  1. I’m not fond of Wally World or the unions, But I’m sick to death of US consumers continuing to support the import of products that are the result of slave labor. From the eighties until now, every administration in DC has supported this crap and exported American jobs. Ross Perot called it the giant sucking sound of American jobs going to China and Mexico. Apple is another big offender. We need to put up tariffs on imports and bring the jobs home and unions need to back off enough to make it work. IMHO!


  2. I agree completely. When opinions are shared it’s a wonderful thing when opinions are called out as wrong or stupid it becomes right fighting it doesn’t work.


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