One of my daughters is afraid of clowns…I’m not going to put it out there publicly but if you know her very well, you already know this. Her sister sent her a picture last night.


When I saw it this morning! I had one of those vague regret feelings pass over me.

We used to have, maybe still have, a little clown statue that she and I used to hide to scare each other….like under her pillow or on top of her pillow with the sheet pulled up over it…this started when she was pretty young and actually probably still continues. The last time I saw it was when it was hidden behind my scarves and it fell off the ladder shelf…I can’t remember if it broke or if she has it now. It was a special thing between the two of us….finding it a couple weeks after she had been there always made me smile.

I’m not sure when this fear of clowns started…but what kid wouldn’t freak out or at least be cautious upon close proximity of the weird creatures. My first realization of her fear was when Aunt Frances gave her a soft clown with a music box inside…the head swiveled with the music…until the head started swiveling completely around and around and around….I still laugh out loud when I think about our family reaction to it.

Love you daughter….I’m kind of sorry I enjoyed your clown discomfort…just kind of sorry.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Clowns….

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  2. Craig was afraid of clowns when he was a kid and doesn’t really like them now. They were driving past a parade and a clown put his head in the window and yelled at Craig. Traumatized him for life. A local serial killer was a clown. I think think that says a lot about the type of people who choose that as a hobby.


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