I take exception to his expectation!

Apparently while we were sleeping, the babies found a mouse and brought it upstairs. As I have mentioned before, they tend to play with the mice…they are NOT killers…they leave that to their canine sister, Frannie…crunch crunch crunch or to him…bam am bam. they initially lost it under the fridge….. but before I left for work….

20131114-081337.jpg 20131114-081402.jpg

I mentioned to him that I love it that sometimes they actually get to hunt *awwww . He says….ya…but they give up so quickly…..I bit my tongue so I wouldn’t argue that we didn’t exactly raise them to be overachievers!!

Have awakened last two nights and felt like he was sitting over in the corner of our bedroom Ina wing back chair reading by the night light. The fact that there is no chair in the corner of our bedroom is what makes me go hmmmm. I tried to capture a picture but this is all the iPad camera could do,


Am reliving something from my previous Victorian era life or am I just anxious for Downton Abby to start?

keep up with the thought process that went into this blog if you dare!!!!!

One thought on “I take exception to his expectation!

  1. I think it’s time to buy a wingback chair.


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