The gulf side 2



What an awesome experience! Very windy at the beach this morning, but they were doing a shoot with the models and we wanted to be out there…This storm blew up and it was spectacular. He and I decided to watch to see what would happen…what actually happened was we got soaked…it went from windy and dry to windy, wet and cold before you could shout Jack Robinson. I don’t know what jack Robinson is either but I remember it being a saying when I was growing up.

I wonder how delicate the electrical grid is here because we no sooner made it back to shelter before the electricity went off..then I had to endure forced relaxation…pfft.

Walked up to the tourist village for lunch with Jenny, Jax and the photographers wife and daughter and him…the girls brought the kids back and he and I did some shoe shopping….then dodged freeking ugly lizards on the sidewalk on the way back….it’s cloudy, yet bright today and cool…I’m loving the cool.

Until next time…

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