The gulf side

I have never been a germaphobe. I like things clean and sanitary but I’ve never had the need to cover or hover the toilet seat in a public place. I think kids need germs to build up their immunity. I’ve been irritated listening to a strangers cough, sneeze and mucousy inhale….but I don’t remember having it affect how I live….but….

I’m starting to be freakishly aware of sneezing. Spending time in the airport on Wednesday seemed like an orchestra of sneezing and I wanted to get outta there. The airplane sneezing made me want to don a white face mask for protection….not a full face mask with holes and the fear factor of Halloween…on an airplane, there is only one way to rid the plane of the germs and that is frowned upon by the establishment.

Southwest Florida on november1st is spectacular. The siesta sunset Royale, while not directly on the gulf, is a wonderful place to stay on siesta key … Very affordable and adorable!




It’s also perfect spending time with Jaxon and his mother and father.

Oh and we rented a convertible…I feel young again…well except for this morning that crick in my back after a long walk on the beach yesterday.

5 thoughts on “The gulf side

  1. Ninasusan….I just love you and your thoughts! Lorijo


  2. Better than wearing a mask that may not actually be very effective at preventing viruses getting into your nose or mouth or eyes, you should wash your hands often and never ever put your fingers in your nose, mouth or eyes. All of those places are direct routes for viruses to get into your body.


  3. It looks quite nice! Can’t wait to see pictures of the beach.
    I only get a little weird about germs if I suddenly start thinking about what I’m touching and what has touched it before me.


  4. If it was a little more socially acceptable, I would wear a mask. I see pictures of people in Japan and they all wear masks during cold and flu season.

    How wonderful that your family can spend time together in such a beautiful setting! Enjoy!


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