I have been off the stuff for several weeks now.  My drug of choice – Diet cherry Dr Pepper.  It was my decision to cleanse my body of the drink and the aspartame.  Mostly the aspartame.  I have to start somewhere in my endeavor to live as long as I possibly can.  To my knowledge, I’ve only had a fake sugar product once in the last few weeks and that was the sugar free syrup I had on my powder and water pancakes the other night.  Sugar free maple syrup was sweet..but what a disappointment not to have my clear Karo syrup on my pancakes.  The whole Karo syrup discussion will be saved for another blog..suffice to say that I knew Jenny and Justin were going to be a match made in heaven when I learned that he also prefers Karo syrup over maple syrup, etc.

Back to the point…after everything I read about fake sugar – and I”m lumping them together because I don’t believe there is a healthy one – I decided it along with margarine were probably killing me one teaspoon at a time.  Surprisingly, I’m finding I’m having less sugar and starch cravings – this could all be the placebo effect…but the cravings for a pop just doesn’t stop.  It’s not as bad as the ordeal of my personal anti smoking campaign…but I think about a pop several times a day.  There HAS TO BE SOMETHING in pop that makes it physically addictive.  I don’t think I’m JUST nuts!

I dropped 8 pounds pretty quickly without really trying.  I would like to believe this has something to do with my habit change – so I can feel good about the decision I made.  There’s that little argument in my head every day…just one won’t hurt  grrrrrr

Until next time….

One thought on “Addictions

  1. Good for you! I hear such horrible stuff about Aspartame. I was a splenda chick for years and when I was home for those six weeks I say my biggest accomplishment was switching to Stevia in my coffee and tea. I don’t have any other fake sugars in my life that I can think of except for gum. Even that I just recently discovered Orbit Bubble Gum for Kids. It has Xlyitol. Which is poison to dogs so I’m very very careful with it.
    Oh look, it’s all about me. 😦
    That’s nice about the 8 pounds without trying. That’s the nicest way.


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