Quiet thoughts on noise….

Occasionally,  I looked forward to having the house to myself..  I require quiet time in my day to recharge…sometimes to just be alone.  To not hear someone elses noise – chewing, breathing, sneezing, coughing…you get it.  I can be in the house alone all day and barely utter a peep to the critters.   I seem to be very sensitive to noise.  Very sensitive.  Loud noises startle me.   Other noises irritate me.  It’s an inner thing not a bitch thing.  I usually go to bed early, watch the Young and the Restless which I had recorded earlier in the day and fall asleep.  Often he comes into the room…doesn’t say anything but opens drawers, talks to the cats, moves around, breathes and I have to pause the TV so as not to get totally irritated.  Once he gets the ear plugs in and starts reading, I can resume my activity without distraction.  It’s not like he is making noise on purpose…he just seems to need to make noise…and I am confident it is me and not him …. I think he is just making normal living and breathing noise.  At least he doesn’t sing, whistle or talk non-stop.  I would be saving up on wine corks.  I like to play my music loud…but listening to a few of his songs loud and I’m climbing the walls.  We don’t like the same music AT ALL.. I only play my music loud when I”m alone because I feel if he has to listen to my music then I should in turn listen to his.  Can’t do it!

The strange thing loudness doesn’t bother me in crowds or concerts or bars…although restaurant noise can put me over the edge.  Will you be my therapist?

Until next time….

7 thoughts on “Quiet thoughts on noise….

  1. Whenever I realized that I was being irritated by the noise my kids were making just having fun and interacting, I changed my medication.


  2. I kind of thought the noise issue was an “only child” thing. When you don’t have a house full of siblings and the parents are working, you get used to the quiet times. When that gets interrupted by real life, it’s annoying. When I went away to school and experienced my first roommate, that was a shocker from a noise perspective. Perfectly good naps would be ruined by the inconsiderate noise of someone I could not get rid of. The noise was not purposeful. It was just normal sounds normal people make when they move about a room. Even so, I could not believe that someone would try to live normally in ‘my’ space, especially when I was trying to sleep. It was kind of like having a 170 lb rat living with you that you were not allowed to exterminate. At least, that was my perspective at the time. I still really dislike living in close quarters with someone. I don’t mind visits, but I want them to go home at the end of the day or at least somewhere that I do not have to hear them.

    I suppose that’s really awful, but I do not feel the guilt.


  3. I have noise issues and I blame Craig. I wasn’t like this before I lived with him. Not that he is noisy but he likes it so quiet that I have become accustomed to that and now that is what I prefer. My noise pet peeve is Erik grinding coffee beans in the morning. That is so loud.

    Oh, I hate when I am at a restaurant and their music is so loud that you can’t have a normal conversation. Some days I am totally oblivious to crowd noise and other days it drives me nuts. I don’t understand why the difference.

    Can you imagine being married to a non stop talker? Oh, that would be awful!


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