the gulf side 3

I used to totally worship the sun. “Laying out” was a daily event when and if possible. While walking along the beach this weekend, I know that if I lived here, I would still be doing it along with all of the others. I think it is a vanity thing but it is also some kind of addiction which will probably kill as much as animal fat, sugar and obesity. I have seen some sun tans here that shocked me.

Folks 50 and over seem to be comfortable in this area. We fit in quite well. The beach population is much older..instead of noticing beautiful young tan bodies skimpily clad, we found ourselves passing old people…very, very tan old people…I started to wonder how much the melanoma death percentages spike because of the tan, leather skin senior citizens in Florida. WOW…

No undefeated Kansas City Chiefs football on TV in Southwest FLA today…no one in our little beach rental is very happy!

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8 thoughts on “the gulf side 3

  1. And the game is on at our house. Will be 25-13 after this call is reviewed.


  2. I had two thoughts, age and profession. Younger people tend to be the ones that lay out in the sun without protection, and also who would use tanning beds. Also I was thinking of professions that are more likely to have bare skin outside during the worst months, like farmers. Florida people are either people who worked at a profession all of their lives and moved to Florida, or they are Floridians who don’t worship the sun and warmth, rather they stay inside at the hottest times of the day. The people who move their are probably the leathery ones because they come from a lifetime of working at their desks and when they get to Florida they spend all of their time baking outside, but by then they are in their 60`s with not enough time for melanoma to take hold before something else gets them.


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