is Hobby Lobby getting bad publicity justified?

In the news, the Christian affiliated store, Hobby Lobby, is being chastised because it doesn’t sell Jewish holiday decorations because they are a Christian organization associated with the celebration of Christ. Okay? Shall we in turn take-on the Jewish stores, say in New York City, and blacken their eye because all they sell is a menorah and not a Jesus on the cross decorations. As a private enterprise, isn’t it their right to sell the products they want to sell….perhaps we have congress get involved and debate this issue and spend a little more time arguing stuff that really doesn’t make a difference…..oh…it would make a difference if I were Jewish? Or would I just be smart enough to not go to hobby Lobby to buy my Jewish decorations and instead go to a store that does sell them? This isn’t discrimination…this is private enterprise. I don’t expect to go to Farm and home to buy my jewelry nor does he go to Macys for his chain saw oil. Give it a rest people. #hobbylobby doesn’t sell Jewish decorations or perfume, so shop for them somwhere else.

…..and if you dont like what is on TV, change the channel and if you don’t like a book, don’t read it…and if you want to delve into any more of my opinions, please ask.

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3 thoughts on “is Hobby Lobby getting bad publicity justified?

  1. I have no problem at all with a private company deciding they don’t want to sell certain things. We have a few large Christian paraphernalia stores close by were I work and I would certainly not go in there if I was looking for a nice Buddha
    However – their stance on Womens healthcare and rights to make their own decisions regarding their body I find archaic and reprehensible.


  2. they might also find a whole new market if they unbuttoned their collar and relaxed. Jesus was a nice Jewish boy and God still loves his original people, they need to think about that too.


  3. Yes, it is a company owned by some Xtians. A company that plays only Xtian music in their store and apparently chooses not to sell Jewish stuff. I am fine with all of that. I think it was what was said by some people who work there and the nastiness in which it was said as to why they don’t sell that stuff that put a lot of people off.

    This is also a company that doesn’t follow the law of the Affordable Care Act.

    It is their right to dispute this. So I decided that since they will not follow the law and want to deny certain aspects of healthcare to women employees, I will never again buy anything at Hobby Lobby. I won’t even enter the their store.

    I always like to hear your opinions. You believe what you believe with such gusto that I love to hear what you have to say.


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