There is a reason….

I believe the reason is:

Humans need some control in their lives.  I believe those over their heads in their situation and have no control over things in their own life, eventually develop a bully personality, pick on others and talk really loud.  I normally think of the “bully” as a child on the playground…and I think many times that is where it starts.  You know the loud mouth guy who stands around in a group with his buddys…has a beer in his hand, talks loud, only knows one describing words which is the f-word and can take down women, gays, hispanics and african-americans in one sentence.  He’s a jerk, he’s a bully and I believe this personality comes from years of not having any control.  Introduce any loud mouth politician or right wing radical or bigot and you have found a bully who has no real control in his life and gets his perceived power by telling others what they are and are not going to do in their personal life.  How much proof is needed…the conservative congressman whose spiel is control rhetoric over everyone else but can’t keep the “sports car” zipped in it’s garage.  He has no self control and he doesn’t think he needs it because he really believes that he can control everyone else with this perceived power.   When 2 or more bullys gather, you find the root of what I call evil …. you may call it politics.  Bullying is not just an ugly male trait…but I think women do it differently.  One huge advantage women have is as long as men have the unsecured “sports car”, women have the power to manipulate the garage.

I actually have to smile when someone tries to take me out with damning written rhetoric or the booming voice…no self control, no possible negotiating, just bad manners.  That’s how I know they don’t actually have any control.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “There is a reason….

  1. You have quite the way with words.  And yes, you have described more than a ew people in my life – both male & female.Happy National Telecommuter’s Week!


  2. love this! that’s my dad in a nutshell, and yep, he has NO control over anything in his life, and the majority of it is his fault.


  3. Right on baby. I couldn’t have said it better!


  4. I believe you are 100% spot on.


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