I totally get it: EDIT: She is dead

I am afraid of pit bulls…I totally understand that the breed has become the poster dog for vicious canines.  I understand that not every pit bull will lunge, fight, disfigure and kill.  I get it.  I also understand that any dog, when provoked, could mame.  I know that some dogs are taught to fight and defend.  But when it is proven that a dog has the jaw set and the power and has a history of causing life threatening flesh damage to a human, why would I want to find myself in close proximity to a possible killer.  I would feel the same way about being in a room with a “DEAD” hand grenade or shooting an empty revolver at my head.  Ya…chances are I’ll be fine…but….always the but.

…and in addition because I’m pretty pissed right now…if you are an adult and want to own a pit bull and you take precautions that no one else has to engage this dog without their consent..that is fine.  But who raises their small child around a pit bull and leaves them unsupervised in the back fenced in yard?

I’m so mad and have so much anxiety that I think my head is going to blow off.



10 thoughts on “I totally get it: EDIT: She is dead

  1. What I think is weird is that anyone I’ve known who has one tells me how “sweet” they are. But an insurance company wants to know if you have one, and I figure they have the stats. As much as I like dogs, I think it just makes sense to stay away from that breed.


  2. The jaw locking may be a myth but the jaw strength is not.  And, these are animals that are bred to react with biting.Folks say it all depends on the owner.  Sure, the owners make a huge difference but these are still dogs that were bred for their jaw strength and quick reaction time.I don’t trust them, would never have them around my kids and have read far, far too many stories about a pit suddenly lunging and taking the face off of a kid. I’ve even seen the after math of it.  Many moons ago a kid lost his face to his family’s pit.  I saw the kid two years later, still in the process of getting a new face.  Sure, he’s a happy, active kid.  But what is his life like now as opposed to what it would have been like?If a dog is going to react and nip at me, I’d rather it be a corgi.  Not as big, not as strong, not as scary.I was gardening this weekend and a “Pocket” pit was loose.  She was an absolutely beautiful dog.  Seemed friendly.  Did not chase my cats.  Did not bark.  I asked her nicely to go away.  She did.  But, I tell ya, I held on very tightly to my hoe and would have swung it at her in an instant if she’d made the wrong move.  I am afraid of all dogs and very, very distrusting of pits.I think it is foolish to have a dog with the kind of potential these have, with or without kids around.


  3. I’m sure it’s just a stereotype,  but I’ve seen too many stories about pit bulls who turned suddenly,  for no reason. I would not trust one around small children, but lay the blame at the feet of those who have bred the mean in to them.


  4. Well i know ppl say they can lock their jaws, but it’s a myth. No dog has that ability. I don’t think it’s a breed thing. I think it’s an owner thing. Any dog has the potential to be aggressive, mean, psycho and as a responsible dog owner, one has to pay attention and be alert for any signs of issues in each individual dog just my opinion. Personally I’ve only known very sweet pitbulls, they’re an awful like boxers (my favorite breed) but I have known some very psycho dogs who were other breeds.


  5. I have never been around one! I always find them pretty but never have had the chance to be around them. I don’t hate them, I just don’t care for the owners of the bad ones. 


  6. I hate pit bulls, too. One of my dear friends bought a pit bull. I will probably never go back to her house while she has it. I know those things sense fear and I would be terrified to be in the same room as that dog. I read stories about pits attacking people all the time. I don’t trust those dogs.


  7. I feel your frustration.  These will be the same parents that, God forbid, when something does happen to the child, they claim ignorance… they didn’t know. Personallly, I don’t see it any different than putting a gun in easy reach of the child.  Job as Parent:  FAIL!


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