The chirping of the smoke detector

During a briefing this morning, the National Weather Service advised that Des Moines has only received measurable snow in May 4 times…Since statehood or when they started keeping records, I don’t know…but I really don’t think it has been in the last 57 years because I certainly don’t ever remember snow in May.  There is so much negative energy in the heartland today that I am not opening myself up to anyone.  My attitude has been pleasant all day…just ask the people I work with bitter.

I came home to the chirping of the smoke detector.  It is a very annoying sound…I’m wondering if someone actually thought this through and decided to make it sound the way it does because it would be impossible to sit in a room with it chirping for any length of time and not be irritated.angry

Last week, I attended a debriefing along with the fire, EMS and law enforcement folks for the horrible pit bull malling of the 4 year old little girl.  It was very unpleasant…but it helped.  Nobody should have to see or be up close and personal with some of the horrible things that happen to humans.  Anything said during these debriefings are confidential and are not to leave the room so I will just say that these folks who have dedicated their lives to serving are the most amazing people in the world!

Benjamin Franklin was closed in the coat closet all day. I hope he knows I didn’t do it to him.  If I were HIM, I wouldn’t close my eyes when I go to sleep tonight.

Until next time…..

6 thoughts on “The chirping of the smoke detector

  1. I always thought that Benjamin Franklin was a closet case. Just look how he dressed. He belonged to secret societies and he died of syphilis. And then there’s George Washington. Get a load of that wig, the heels and the short pants. Poor Martha. She had to know. Oh wait…are you talking about a cat? Oops. Sorry. I thought you were talking about something else. My bad.


  2. Poor Ben Franklin. .  Corbin goes absolutely bananas when one smoke detector chirps.  Last year one chirped, then another, then another, then all of them….. it was weird.  I cleaned them all out and replaced the batteries but 3 still chirp.  I’ll get all new ones so she doesn’t have a breakdown this summer.    snow in may would be very wrong.


  3. I can’t imagine being a first responder and coming into a scene like that. It just rips my heart out. Thank goodness there are people willing to do that job. I am thankful for them, too. Someone must not have changed their batteries when the time changed. You are so funny, That last paragraph cracked me up but yes, poor BF!Awhile ago I posted this on fb, I thought you might find it interesting but I don’t know if you saw it.


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