Over and way above normal

My week started out a week ago Saturday…the 4th of May.  What was planned just to be a long weekend in Kansas City with my PG daughter and her mate.  We had talked to a realtor earlier in the week and decided to look at some houses in the Lee’s Summit area for a move after I retire in a year.  He said we could start looking at some houses in the spring.  I had been on line for quite a while looking, looking, looking at realtor pics and descriptions and had a few picked out that I wanted to walk thru.  @hippo63 put me in touch with a realtor in the area and we met with Sandy on Monday.  We traipsed thru a lot of nice homes in the area…just not feeling it…our last home was a few miles away from the area of concentration…she told us that it was directly on a lake had a large yard and was in the small town of Pleasant Hill, MO…about 14 miles from Justin and Jenny.  At the time, I thought – hmmmm – probably not what we are going to want…I’m done…I’m ready to head back to Iowa.  But….. Holy Mortgage, Batman.  I walked thru the door and said out loud.  THIS IS IT.

We drove back to Iowa in the after glow.  Did the whole signing papers on-line thru DOT-LOOP.  I love technology!  Did a few things around the house, decided to go to bed, turned on the TV to give my brain some quiet time and started the panic.  But, panic over the house wouldn’t last very long…moving right along to 2330 that night……..



5 thoughts on “Over and way above normal

  1. I know you are excited about the new baby! I am so happy for you! Congrats on finding a new home! 


  2. Congrats! How exciting about the baby and the house!


  3. That is excellent!  If my daughter tried to have a baby and keep it that far away from me I would follow her too! I’m glad you found some place perfect so quickly.


  4. I just heard so happy for you!! How close is it to the new baby?


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