I have to preface this story

As I was hugging Jenny before we left her house Monday morning, May 6, she told me that while going to sleep the night before she was deeply thinking aka talking to the baby and asked when he would be born…her answer was May 7th….she thought – hahahaha May 7th is tomorrow.  She was due on June 10th. 

2330 hours she called me to tell me she thought her water broke and Justin was calling the doctor.  I thought…OH HONEY…NOT YET and fell back to sleep.  2 hours later Justin called and said – ya…water broke…they are going to keep her – WOW…exhausted..won’t be for awhile…go back to sleep.  2 hours later…contractions 20 minutes apart…go back to sleep this is her first baby…sleep a couple of hours and head back to Missouri. 

0630 jumped out of bed – totally awake and in a panic..what did I miss.  Shower and pack – on the road to Missouri in 45 minutes.

5 weeks premature – Jaxon Dale Callaghan… PERFECT!!!




He’s going to be a Chief’s fan.  There may be some disappointments ahead for him. 

Until next time….


8 thoughts on “I have to preface this story

  1. Wow! What a crazy turn of events. I am do happy that both baby and Mother are doing well. He is just adorable! 


  2. Sounds like Jenny missed her calling. She could be the baby whisperer. I’m so glad everyone is so beautifully healthy and happy. That baby does not look premature at all! 


  3. Perfectly beautiful!  Congratulations!


  4. He is so beautiful! He is perfect! Congratulations Grandma!


  5. Awwww. congratulations! He is adorable!!!


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