I totally get it: EDIT: She is dead

I am afraid of pit bulls…I totally understand that the breed has become the poster dog for vicious canines.  I understand that not every pit bull will lunge, fight, disfigure and kill.  I get it.  I also understand that any dog, when provoked, could mame.  I know that some dogs are taught to fight and defend.  But when it is proven that a dog has the jaw set and the power and has a history of causing life threatening flesh damage to a human, why would I want to find myself in close proximity to a possible killer.  I would feel the same way about being in a room with a “DEAD” hand grenade or shooting an empty revolver at my head.  Ya…chances are I’ll be fine…but….always the but.

…and in addition because I’m pretty pissed right now…if you are an adult and want to own a pit bull and you take precautions that no one else has to engage this dog without their consent..that is fine.  But who raises their small child around a pit bull and leaves them unsupervised in the back fenced in yard?

I’m so mad and have so much anxiety that I think my head is going to blow off.