Barry Manilow…. and Sweet Honesty

He’s coming to Wells Fargo Arena..Just heard the ad on the radio…I would kinda like to go…relive my teenhood…along with my Avon “Sweet Honesty”.  I was casually browsing thru an Avon catalog the other day (I’m not a regular Avon user) and was looking for my beloved Imari (which I have been using off and on for 40 years) and turned to a page with Sweet Honesty…I had to do it…I bought a bottle…it came today..I sprayed a little on the top side of my arm as to not mix it with Tabu by dana on the underside of my arm.  Yes…Tabu from the 70’s…anyway;, back to Sweet Honesty….I went right back many years in my mind… @skanickadee mentioned the other day that the all house fan brings back smells of wet soil from the crawl space and how it took her back to the day she and her husband first looked at the house that they live in…It’s wonderful how smells take us back to memories with the speed of light.  I have always hesitated to smell Windsong perfume because when I have that first moment and go back to one of the best years of my life, I don’t want it confused with anything I might associate it with now.

I think I’m fortunate that my parents saved everything…I don’t say this everyday.  The blanket I use on the davenport is the same one that my mom bought for my bed when I first got twin beds when I was 3 or 4.  I recently loaded up a lot of left-over material from the 60’s and 70’s….remnants of material that mom made into clothes for her and me. Toys, dolls, games…I’m getting rid of this stuff…I feel lucky that I have seen it one more time…I don’t need to keep it…but that little part of me is happy that they did.  I just got rid of my old car seat…mine…it was a little seat that hooked over the front seat and had a horse head and reins.  It had to be over 50 years old…of course, I still have my first car – 1961 Ford Falcon which I plan to sell sometime this year…

Wow…memories…but letting go is good…I had the thought when I started typing this blog today that perhaps I should analyze and try to figure out why they felt it necessary to keep everything…and now I know it isn’t necessary to analyze it…it is what it is.

Until next time…..

9 thoughts on “Barry Manilow…. and Sweet Honesty

  1. @suzyQ_darnit – I’ve held onto stuff just like my folks hung on to stuff but something has happened to me and I’m feeling like I need to break that habit?  I’ve decided to keep a couple of totes of stuff I can’t part with.  I have one filled up..before this is over, I may have more than 2 totes, but at least I will know what I’m keeping.  I should show you a picture of my basement which is my old stuff, Phil’s and my stuff, my mom and dad’s stuff and my Aunt Frances’ stuff along with my grandma Green’s stuff.


  2. My Mom was not a believer of holding on to stuff! I regret losing my vast comic book collection – it would have been worth something today. But if you didn’t hold on to something and protest mightily it would be GONE! Maybe that’s why I am such a pack rat…still protesting…I still have several old Avon bottles here somewhere! Including a unicorn one I thought my Daughter might like, but nope.


  3. As soon as i saw the blog title, I got a little gaggy. My cousin wore sweet honesty all the time. We hung out all the time. I couldn’t stand it. Apparently I was sensetive to perfume smells even then. I haven’t heard the name of that or thought of it in probably at least 35 years and I find it fascinating that just reading the name made me gaggy.I do love scent memories tho.Cherry pipe tobacco and my uncle is back here with me, things like that are very cool.I hear you about the cleaning out…I go thru spurts and sometimes I’m sorry i got rid of things…like my Larry the Lion from when I was a kid, he was pretty shabby so once while cleaning out my kids stuffies, I let him go…regret that.  But most stuff is just stuff…Have a good weekend.


  4. Nina you had asked me if that scent memory made me all giddy – it did – it was a fun feeling to relive.


  5. @tracy – My mother wore Emeraude and then switched to Giorgio. I love White Shoulders but we all are so sensitive to perfume that I never wear it but I do have a smell bottle on hand. Cinnabar always made me sneeze. 


  6. @tracy – I think a lot of people associate pain with Barry Manilow…but thanks for that hilarious visual…just know that your pain was worth a giggle to me.


  7. Speaking of memories. I saw Barry Manilow in concert with my sister.  It was the same day that I had a tetanus shot in one are, and a wart frozen off (unsuccessfully and now causing me to go to the sadistic dermatologist monthly) on the other hand. I kept forgetting and clapping!  So I now associate Barry Manilow with pain. :)Les Miserables for a similar reason (also with my sister) but at least that’s more fitting.My mother wore Emeraude, my sister Cinnabar, and my grand-mother White Shoulders. Isn’t it odd the things you remember?


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