You think I’m kidding…….

I am very thankful today is my last day before many vacation days off…I think the count is actually 15.  But I payed for it this morning…I first had a man call to tell me what kind of truck his runaway daughter was in which I needed to get dispatched but didn’t because his call was followed by a mother who had an address in the capital city where her runaway son was…I notified the department and they sent an officer over to find the meantime, I had an older man call with difficulty breathing, I wanted to keep him on the line until the amb could get there and his voice was sounding weaker and weaker until I lost him…I didn’t know if he had passed on or he hung up, back at the runaway problems, I got a tty (teletype) from the capital city agency advising they had our runaway what did I want to do…just like in everything else, there are rules and the #1 rule is you have to respond in 10 minutes to a warrant or missing person’s request unless you can provide an excuse and a time it will take you to respond…important but no one’s life is on the line except the Mr that I can no longer talk to…I keep calling his name meanwwhile getting numerous wireless 911 calls to report that there is a car in the busy intersection that lost a wheel..getting people to tell me whether there are injuries was like pulling teeth…everyone has a story…I wanted to get back on the phone with Mr breathing problem so I finally got curt and said to several cell phone heros..ya..I got it… all I want to know is someone injured… can’t anyone just answer the question….

Mr. Breathing problem then comes back to me – sounds like he might be on another phone but at least he is back…then I”ll be damned…911 rings again…I can’t answer with my headset but have to pickup a handset that sits between the two consoles, meanwhile while answering, I hear the ambulance arraive but Mr. Breathing problem doesn’t want to hang up until he actually sees someone in person..who can blame with headset in one ear and handset at the other ear, I hear a little person voice…all I can get is Lake street and I know that is in Colfax but when she hears me hangup with mr. breathing problem and I disconnect from him…she disconnects from me…I call our local 911 service provider to track the number and they come up zilch, zero…pretty soon this sweet little 8 year old calls again to tell me she thinks she gave me the wrong address and gives me another address (which is wrong also) but her mom, she thinks, is having a heart attack, I recognize that it is probably a seizure and just from experience I suspicion diabetic because she tells me that mom fell, dropped the cereal bowl all over the floor and is shaking…I asked her if mom takes a shot everyday and she tells me yes…meanwhile mom started shaking 2 more times before the amb gets there.  This is one of those incredible kids that you hear about on TV saving someone by calling 911…very animated and matter of fact but is afraid mom is going to be mad she called because mom hates to go to the hospital.  Finally my 10:00 help came riding in on a white horse and started picking up the slack…it’s great to have a partner like the one I have today…no questions…just get busy…not think about it…you just do it.

The initial runaway took care of itself, the daughter returned in the truck…and then the call comes from the woman who is watching her girlfriends teenage children and they have a friend over and they have locked themselves in the bedroom and won’t come out – they need an officer.

…..Saturday is off to a great start…but hang on –

I’m on vacation in 3.5 hours…….

5 thoughts on “You think I’m kidding…….

  1. WOW!   I know for a fact I couldn’t keep all those balls in the air!  Hope your vacation was productive and your mind got a rest!


  2. You DESERVE that vacation!  I hope it is awesome.


  3. Nina – I don’t know how you do it.  Thanks for working so hard for people who need it.I hope you are enjoying your vacation now!  Any special plans?


  4. Oh my gosh !!  You’re certainly earning your time off – is it always so hectic ?


  5. My Oh MY!  I hope the rest of the afternoon quiets down.


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