I can’t even keep up….

After every large planned event in my life, I assume that life will get back to normal…and let me tell you, my large planned events are really only large in my mind; the other newsflash today…there IS NO NORMAL.

We are so close to being finished cleaning and updating our old house to rent out that I can feel it.  We have to get this done because we need some money coming in to pay for the necessary things like taxes, electric, insurance…we just can’t seem to get it done…

Phil got the pontoon remodled and the motor running, I have plans to get it out on the lake.

We sold the camper and have everything moved into the new camper, I have plans to go camping.

I have lots of things I need to get listed on ebay and/or get taken to the antique store and I have plans to do that.

There are several things we need on the new house like garage doors, repair the front door, get a bathroom door put in, buy valances for the living room and window shades for the rental house, I have plans to get that done.

Vacation is lurking – I would really like to get away but there is too much to do.  He and his brother got a good deal on a sailboat yesterday, I DON’T HAVE TIME.

Do I really not have time or am I just mismanaging my time…I think I’m tired all of the time because I’m mentally swamped every day with the things I need to do that I don’t get anything done and the cycle begins every morning when I get out of bed and I go to bed very disappointed in another identical day.

Am I normal?


5 thoughts on “I can’t even keep up….

  1. sounds mostly normal.  plans are good.  pick away at them and someday they’re done being a plan.  busy is probably better  than not….i say confidently. 


  2. Don’t be silly. Of course you’re not normal


  3. Sounds normal to me!  Although it is more overwhelming when I am not feeling well, and sometimes that’s the time I realize I need to do something about my health.  Hope this is a great, productive weekend for you!


  4. I would say you’re normal because I can soooo relate 🙂  I get tired just thinking about what I have to do, and then end up getting very little of it done. 


  5. I don’t know about you being normal, but you are wonderful.You know if you finish everything, then what?  You sit?  You look at the valances?  It’s better to have lots of plans to always be striving for. 


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