I love those ah-ha moments

I really hope that the public that I deal with is not a good representation of our society; if so, we are going to hell in a hand basket so to speak.  I had a call this morning from a woman who was madder than a wet hen…she was mad because she works the overnight shift and was trying to get to sleep but the “85 year old – old man” next door was running his leaf blower.  Now I am not criticizing this woman in the least bit…sleeping days and working nights can be a challenge but here was my ah-ha moment…when I explained that it wasn’t illegal to run his leaf blower after 7am and asked if she had explained to her neighbor..she interupted me and said..WELL DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING WITH THE LEAF BLOWER…HE IS DRYING HIS CAR WITH IT…HE DOES IT EVERY MORNING..WASHES HIS CAR AND DRIES IT WITH THE LEAF BLOWER, I YELLED AT HIM THE OTHER DAY BUT HE SAID HE COULD DO WHATEVER HE WANTED TO DO.  Judging from the fact that she wigged out on me so early in the conversation, and her description of what she said to him and, here I am just guessing, but probably HOW she said it to him, what does she expect really…now this 85 year old – old man could be a horses’ ass and really doesn’t care..but what if she had a calm conversation with him using a nice, calm voice with a neighborly attitude, would he have said…oh yes, of course I will wait to blow dry my car with the leaf blower until a more reasonable moment..or perhaps he would say..Oh, of course I can let the car air dry…but my guess is the leaf blower at 0700 every morning is for her benefit and her benefit only….AND IT WORKS!!!

Seems we have lost the art of neighborlyness or, quite frankly, just respect and kindness.  People, in general, are just not nice…the attitude I get on a regular basis is unbelievable..and I”m not just talking about how many times I hear the “F” word….I’m talking about downright bad manners..and to go one step further, I’m not talking about anything that is important to life and limb….I’m talking about adults acting like children with he said this and she said that…  don’t answer the phone if you are getting harassing phone calls…don’t you think the harasser will get tired of the game if it is just him/her playing it…speak, wave and treat your neighbor kindly and perhaps he will sell the leaf blower, where did this us against them mentality come from?  Where did this martyr or defensive attitude come from.  Who is really out to get you… kindess begats kindness and agression begats agression…we are in trouble….

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7 thoughts on “I love those ah-ha moments

  1. It’s almost become just accepted to act like that. We see it on tv, in sitcoms and reality tv…which is why I can’t stand to watch it! And especially in politics…all that us against them is so destructive to all of us! Probably why i like my little corner of the country where we know our neighbors and if you’re out taking a walk, the 4 cars that go by stop and offer you a ride….not trying to sound like paradise here, we have our share of idiots too.LOL


  2. Nina – it seems so many people are so wrapped up in their world they don’t think how there actions are affecting others.  Really, it isn’t hard.  People need to think a little more about what comes out of their mouth.  Obviously, there are some exceptions like the person who keeps calling Erin.  What is that old phrase you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar??  Being nice will really go a long way.


  3. Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires.


  4. in my effort to be kind I will just say…I told you we were going to hell in a handbasket…and ref Erin….ya… I agree about those morons that call 🙂  Okay, so my little rant there only applies if it fits into my little world 🙂


  5. I totally agree with you.  It’s like someone just completely removed polite from most people repetoire of actions.  For you entertainment I will share with you an email that came into our offices today from someone who had to spend $4.50.———————————You are con men I bought ur Internet in Denmark and want full refund straight away because I bought it and it still didn’t load up I have been think of legal action because I don’t understand how u can me aloud to do what u have just done to meWill i Phone Mail ©™———————————@irishis63 – Hi!


  6. I try and be kind but after the 20th call in two days, where they are calling about my credit card (I don’t have any) I’m afraid the F bomb has been dropped, usually I just hang up but frustration of not being listened to can bring out the worst, all anyone wants is to be heard, to know that what they are saying is not going in one ear and out the other. How it’s said sometimes will not have any effect, if that’s the case it’s on the other guy not you.


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