Today is Labor Day….

Isn’t everyone supposed to have this day off…I’ll have to google Labor Day and get the true meaning..I don’t think I’ve ever known…while it is impossible for everyone to have this day off…ie emergency services, police officers, hospital workers, I wonder why we don’t celebrate people who actually work (oops little slip there) and give everyone the day off…Do we really need to go to Walmart today?  For the most part, it marks the end of summer…Period…at least it used to mark the beginning of school, but of course in our effort to have excellent schools for testing, we have forgotten how important summer vacation is to kids and perhaps, if I may add, to actually teach kids to send them out in the world, rather than to just be excellent test takers for the government stats…sorry…little rant there but Katy really got me thinking about it again.

Had a very nice weekend…Both girls and one son-in-law were home…we celebrated Sarah and Layne in our friend-family with a baby shower on Saturday…then “he” and I and the kids went to Hu Hot in Des Moines for supper…then a stop at Cold Stone or as he and Carl call it…Stone Cold…Jenny was not happy with her ice cream…so unhappy, that we actually heard about it for the next 48 hours.  People, Ice Cream – the right way – is important to us Browns.

Sunday morning we met the Balmer family at LaCabana for lunch…Ryan immediately ticked off the waiter for asking for the Speedy Gonzalez since it was only Sunday…he should have ordered the #1…we enjoyed the two beautiful grandbabies especially since 10 month old Natalie didn’t cry when I held her.  Off to Carl and Jane’s for dessert and a little visit before J and R left for KC and we took Katy to Iowa City to board the MegaBus for an overnight trip back to Ohio.

While the girls were attending the baby shower, “he” and Dave took the sailboat out on Rock Creek Lake and didn’t drown.  I think in the future, we will have the sailboat for the adventurous and the pontoon for the less active – ME…but I need to learn how to drive it, I guess :0

Would love to do something outside today. Rain rain go away.  He says it will end by noon…hmmm doubt it!!

Until  next time… did I mention, I’m on vacation ….


2 thoughts on “Today is Labor Day….

  1. I hate that the kids go back so early 8/17 here but I like that they get out at the end of May.Sounds like a nice vacation so far.  Nice that you were able to see your daughters and son in law.What is it about men and sailboats??? Craig used to sail with a neighbor and loved it and always wanted his own sailboat.  You just can’t do that around Chicago unless you are rich.  I would never get on a sailboat.  The pontoon boat sounds good to me!  Enjoy your vacation!


  2. I totally agree with the summer vacation thing. You’re only a kid once, you should have some unstructured time to have fun. You will never have that much free time ever again in your life so I don’t understand why it keeps getting cut into. It’s a lot like assigning homework to grade schoolers to me. Do we really need to teach kids who are elementary school age that you have to take work home with you every day? They’ll be in the rat race soon enough, just let them enjoy life for awhile. Maybe I should blog Nina, that was fun to just go on a rant about something.  


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