I found the place

Since our friends, Brett and Christa, introduced us to trout fishing in southern Missouri 10 years ago, we have gone several times a year to this little paradise…It’s a feeling when we drive down into Bennett Spring State Park that we are home…it is comfort, it is relaxing, it is total happiness.  We didn’t get to go with Brett and Christa’s family last October for the annual family get together because we were dealing with mom’s death, Aunt Frances’ death and everything that went along with it.  Little did we know that there would not be fishing with Brett this year…I have struggled with going to Bennett this year and so far, we haven’t been there…Although he and I have been there alone and with Katy several times without Brett, I just couldn’t wrap my head around being there without him…turn the page…but I know it was his favorite place on earth and just being there would be like being with him..I truly believe his spirit is up there in campground number 5.

A couple weekends ago, we stumbled upon Diamond Lake which is 25 minutes from our house.  This is a small county lake with a few campsites…one campsite in particular felt like home so we spent some time there earlier this week.  We were right on the lake, with our own fishing jetty, it was the only other place I have been camping that feels like home.

IMG_4819 IMG_4831 IMG_4833 IMG_4896 IMG_4857

See why it is named Diamond Lake…..

Until next time….


4 thoughts on “I found the place

  1. So awesome to find “that place” where your soul can be at home. 


  2. Looks very peaceful! Nature soothes the soul!


  3. Diamond is nice, at least for fishing. I have a little boat with an electric motor (that’s all they allow) that I’ve taken out there a couple of times. Never camped there, but it looks like a good camp ground.There are walleye in the lake, but they’re pretty hard to get. I did take one a couple of years ago that weighed about 3 lb. Others have been too small to keep. This time of year, the bass are good just as the sun is going down. There are suppose to be Northern Pike in the lake too, but I never got one. In all, it’s a very peaceful place. The locals are friendly too.Another place in Iowa you might consider is Back Bone state park north of Manchester. It’s an amazing place with two campgrounds and views inside the park that rival anything in Missouri. The fishing is also excellent. The Maquoketa river starts just north of the park and is ice cold, spring fed. The IA DNR stocks it with rainbow trout all year. The lake at the bottom of the river gorge will not support the trout in summer, but in the spring you can catch them. The lake also has good bass fishing and they have cabins you can rent from the DNR if you don’t want to camp.I’m off to SE Kansas Monday to fish. That should be an adventure, Bass and catfish I think.Enjoy.


  4. I can understand not being able to go back. The new place is beautiful!  Seems like it is just perfect for you two!


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