Sorry ghog..your b-day was just not a good one

First, I must apologize to the ground hog…yesterday was his birthday – I had plans to call him…but life and death got in the way of my memory.  So…Happy Birthday a day late Jeffery…I love you.

I’m working the two days of the weekend so I can add a couple of days to 2 vaca days and a regular day off this coming week.  I will have to be back next weekend…but the weekends are the best time to work day shift here.  I left “him” on his own to get an old oak desk sold and loaded in a veh and 2 show the house to two people.  The first folks wanted it and he got a deposit so that is off our minds…While he was over at the house….

Sierra had another seizure..we really don’t think she has had more than the two a few weeks ago – her seizures were especially violent and we weren’t there to get the other dogs into another room so Frannie bit her…when I got home, she was pretty lethargic and was going to need to see the vet about a couple of nasty puncture wounds…we decided we just couldn’t put her thru anymore trauma, so Dr Curry met us at the clinic and put her to sleep.  Damn it hurts to say goodbye…

We adopted her when she was a year old..holy mother she was a little terror…my mother babysat her one time and Sierra totally exhausted her 🙂  As she matured, she was a perfect dog…she used to really tick off our lab/golden mix, Brandy.  Sierra’s energy and her love for squeeky toys would get Brandy riled and she would bark at Sierra to stop.  After Brandy passed and we adopted Devil Dog, Sierra switched rolls and was really irritated with Frannie and later Marley and their love for squeaky toys…

I like to think Sierra and Brandy are together again as best friends…

Brandy and Sierra Benny and Sierra Marley and Sierra The 3 dogs Sierra

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Sorry ghog..your b-day was just not a good one

  1. It’s always hard to lose one of our furry best friends.  I love the look in the second-to-last picture – looks like the thought bubble should read, “This isn’t going to end well…”!


  2. Beautiful pictures Nina Chickie.  She was a great dog.


  3. they are.  just hanging around in that middle place waiting for everyone else.  that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.  i had a dream a while ago and my old ladies were there.  everyone said it wasn’t time for me to be there yet, but they were happy to see me….i could feel them, smell them, touch them.  it was more real than any other dream i’ve ever had.  they went merrily on their way down the path and i left to “go back”.  it was an odd, but really nice dream.  having pets…..a bitter sweet thing, but worth it. ❤


  4. Sierra was a beautiful Dog…..Enjoyed “meeting” her at our Keith Cousins Reunion.  I know it had to be hard but we don’t want our furry friends to suffer any more than our human ones.  Bless you and Phil……


  5. Thanks Dear..It was a peacful burfday. Sorry about the dog. They’re like family members and it’s always sad.The trip to Kansas was good. Fished with the Rev Lang for 3 days. Got Crappie (14 to 16 inches) and bass. It was fun. We had lots of arguements and made fun of each other. My other favorite things. Guess I’m ready to go back to work. NOT. Later. JB


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