Pandemic make me lazy? Or did I just find contentment?

Doing my Morning Pages this morning…

What I scribbled out was “has the pandemic made me lazy or has it been a gift of contentment and getting to know who I am?” While I’ve had those days of total boredom … screaming in my head that I want to take a trip somewhere…Key West, Italy, Walmart… the gift I’ve received is being locked up in my house rather than my mind for nearly a year and having the opportunity to get to know what I want and what I think minus all of the key turns of the ignition of the car.

I near the anniversary of my retirement which is also the day He and I left work, loaded up 5 cats, 3 large dogs and our last bits of our life in Iowa, drove 4 hours to our new life in Missouri. The emotions were raw…the excitement, the fear, second guessing if we were doing the right thing, realizing its too late to turn back now, sister, we are doing this! I remember feeling such relief…anonymity awaits. I could wear sleep pants and forgo makeup to go shopping because I will not know anyone. No small talk will be required at the grocery store because I won’t know anyone.

So it would seem pandemic quarantining is exactly what I had been craving. I’ve had the opportunity to just be. To sit on the couch all afternoon and play Words with Friends, to read novels and self help books, to binge watch TV shows. I have groceries delivered, dishes may sit overnight in the sink, I may eat popcorn at 2 in the morning. Isn’t this what I craved since I became a responsible adult with a career!

Living in the moment….just being…


I had a sister…she was a dog

Actually my first dog was a black cocker spaniel..I don’t remember much about her other than she was kept away from me when I was small because she liked to bite me…apparently.

My sister’s name was Eide

Eide 001

She was a poodle…registered name…Cher Eide Beau Belle of Greens.  She had a higher standing in the family than I did.  My mother always told me that if she bit me, she would spank me.  ah yes!  Eide and I  felt safe with her in her little cage and whenever we left the house, Eide would go in the cage…willingly…unless it was me putting her in there.  When I was home alone and wanted to go out and play, I would line the cage up against the kitchen cupboards, entice her in with a treat, then push the cage up against the cupboard doors…you see…I was smart enough not to put my fingers close to the cage door to secure it.  I had a love/hate relationship with Eide.

After he and I had been married a few years, we decided to adopt a schnauzer from the people who lived next door to my folks.  Josh was with us many, many years.  I think he lived to be about 17.  Josh was the first word Jenny learned to say.

Josh 1981 001 (2)

After Josh died, Maybelle found us.  She had been dumped on the gravel road in front of our house.  She found a home in the storm drain and refused to leave…so we took her in.  She was a beautiful border collie who loved the neighbor’s chickens.  My mom called over one day and said…Maybelle is having a lot of fun with a toy.  We looked out – the toy was a stupid chicken who somehow wandered into the fenced in area.  Maybelle didn’t have a great life..we kept her outside for the most part.  I really wasn’t wanting another dog so soon..I always felt she was sad.

Maybelle 1992 001

Then Brandie came along.  Our friends were moving to Arizona and couldn’t take her so we agreed to love her.

Brandy 2002 001 (2)

She was overweight – smiled on command – and was the perfect dog.  I totally fell in love with her – heart and soul.

One day – the Chief of Police in Monroe came to the radio room and asked if anyone wanted to adopt a yellow lab he had.  I bit.  Sierra was ours.  She and Brandie were the canine loves of my life.


Brandy and Sierra summer 2002 001

Brandi died not too long after we got Sierra.

Sierra was lost…mopey…so we decided to go to the ARL and find Sierra a friend.  We took her along and she finally picked out Frannie….

2014-08-15 16.37.39

We still have Frannie.  She’s an old girl and has calmed down.  I think mostly Sierra may have regretted her choice. Frannie was a handful!

I love this picture…Sierra looks to be saying – uh oh..someones going to be in trouble.


Which is where Marley came in.  I was browsing on line for dogs.  Like I needed another one…but I wanted to save them all.  I found Marley at a rescue facility in Iowa City.  He was huge and he was blind in one eye.  We decided to go over and meet him and there was no question once I saw him that he was going home with us.



Sierra, Frannie and Marley also opened up their hearts to living with 5 cats…they all got along beautifully for the most part..they all lived together with us in the house.

All of the dogs taught me something about life – mostly about love….and I still feel an agonizing loss when I think of each one of them.

This post is in honor of National Dog Day.

Until next time….

I didn’t wake up irritable!

My large, elderly golden went down on the ice this morning right off the porch in his yard.  He is fine…probably be sore tonight…but his legs were splayed out and he was laying on his belly and couldn’t get up…so I suited up and was able to pull him off the ice and he got up fine…whew…I untied the gate and let him out thinking he would come around the house and come in the front door.  Well, he’s blind in one eye and the wind was so strong that he was having trouble figuring out where my voice was coming from…finally I made it around to the back of the house and he was able to run toward me and with me into the house.  Then I had to bring Franny in..she’s the black, elderly lab-mix with an incontinent problem.  I got her into the laundry room so I could put her diaper on her..always have to offer a snack or a few chunks of food to draw her attention away from the fact that I’m going to pull her tail thru the diaper…she totally does not love it!

2013-11-05 18.48.17

Time to settle down for a cup of hot coffee….only to find 10 minutes later that I forgot to cover the dog food after giving Franny her treat and the cats were chowing down eating right out of the container …… not even using a spoon.

I can hear the wind whistling through a couple of door jams…out here in the middle of nowhere, there is absolutely no protection from the wind…and quite frankly…it is irritating the *%^# out of me.  I’m trying to stay positive and realize that I have it a lot better and safer than lots of other people but I already started down this irritation path and  I’m having trouble turning around in this  short hallway and heading the other way.

Until next time….

Sorry ghog..your b-day was just not a good one

First, I must apologize to the ground hog…yesterday was his birthday – I had plans to call him…but life and death got in the way of my memory.  So…Happy Birthday a day late Jeffery…I love you.

I’m working the two days of the weekend so I can add a couple of days to 2 vaca days and a regular day off this coming week.  I will have to be back next weekend…but the weekends are the best time to work day shift here.  I left “him” on his own to get an old oak desk sold and loaded in a veh and 2 show the house to two people.  The first folks wanted it and he got a deposit so that is off our minds…While he was over at the house….

Sierra had another seizure..we really don’t think she has had more than the two a few weeks ago – her seizures were especially violent and we weren’t there to get the other dogs into another room so Frannie bit her…when I got home, she was pretty lethargic and was going to need to see the vet about a couple of nasty puncture wounds…we decided we just couldn’t put her thru anymore trauma, so Dr Curry met us at the clinic and put her to sleep.  Damn it hurts to say goodbye…

We adopted her when she was a year old..holy mother she was a little terror…my mother babysat her one time and Sierra totally exhausted her 🙂  As she matured, she was a perfect dog…she used to really tick off our lab/golden mix, Brandy.  Sierra’s energy and her love for squeeky toys would get Brandy riled and she would bark at Sierra to stop.  After Brandy passed and we adopted Devil Dog, Sierra switched rolls and was really irritated with Frannie and later Marley and their love for squeaky toys…

I like to think Sierra and Brandy are together again as best friends…

Brandy and Sierra Benny and Sierra Marley and Sierra The 3 dogs Sierra

Until next time…


We didn’t get much scrapbooking done today – mostly looking at each other’s photos.  We are going to try to have a scapbooking event every month rotating between the three homes.  I came home with a mission to get all of the critter’s pictures that I want to include in the scrapbook off of snapfish so I’m ready to go next month without hesitancy.  While going thru pics tonight – I found pics of the beloved dogs who have gone before.  Josh – the schnauzer was adopted in 1980  and he lived to the ripe old age of 17.  He was a typical small dog but very loving and very protective of his family.  Phil was his favorite…Jenny’s first word was Josh – probably because that is what she heard us yell so much.

Josh 1991 001

Josh 1981 001 (3)

I also found a couple of pictures of Edie – the poodle that I grew up with. Eide and I were not the best of friends..she was my mom and dad’s dog and the only thing she liked about me was sinking her teeth into my hands.  We got her in 1964 so I would have been 8 and she died when I was 19 or 20.

Eide 001

Maybelle came to our house as a stray in May and she was a girl.  She slept in the culvert under the road..I was going to take her to the rescue league because I didn’t think really want another dog but I was over ruled.  I always felt bad that we kept Maybelle outside – although she did have a spot in the basement when it was hot or terribly cold.  As an outside dog, she didn’t get the love and attention she deserved.

Maybelle 001

This is a pic of her as a pup when she first adopted us.

Then there is my beloved Brandy

Brandy 2002 001 (2) Brandy and Ryan 2002 001 Sierra and Brandy 2002 cleaning the ice cream bowl 001 Brandy and Sierra 2005 001

Brandy was a golden/lab mix – she’s on the left of the pics with Sierra.  She took my heart..we adopted her from some good friends who were moving to Arizona and didn’t feel she could make the trip.  She had some medical issues so we took her for accupuncture, put her on a weight loss program and were able to keep her going for about 4 years.  Sierra irritated her to no end.  As you can see that is not a smile she is giving Sierra having to share cleaning out the ice cream bowl.  Brandy is the first of our dogs that took a piece of my heart with her when she died.

Until next time….