I didn’t wake up irritable!

My large, elderly golden went down on the ice this morning right off the porch in his yard.  He is fine…probably be sore tonight…but his legs were splayed out and he was laying on his belly and couldn’t get up…so I suited up and was able to pull him off the ice and he got up fine…whew…I untied the gate and let him out thinking he would come around the house and come in the front door.  Well, he’s blind in one eye and the wind was so strong that he was having trouble figuring out where my voice was coming from…finally I made it around to the back of the house and he was able to run toward me and with me into the house.  Then I had to bring Franny in..she’s the black, elderly lab-mix with an incontinent problem.  I got her into the laundry room so I could put her diaper on her..always have to offer a snack or a few chunks of food to draw her attention away from the fact that I’m going to pull her tail thru the diaper…she totally does not love it!

2013-11-05 18.48.17

Time to settle down for a cup of hot coffee….only to find 10 minutes later that I forgot to cover the dog food after giving Franny her treat and the cats were chowing down eating right out of the container …… not even using a spoon.

I can hear the wind whistling through a couple of door jams…out here in the middle of nowhere, there is absolutely no protection from the wind…and quite frankly…it is irritating the *%^# out of me.  I’m trying to stay positive and realize that I have it a lot better and safer than lots of other people but I already started down this irritation path and  I’m having trouble turning around in this  short hallway and heading the other way.

Until next time….

9 thoughts on “I didn’t wake up irritable!

  1. The whole thing did make me and my doctor much closer though.


  2. Keeping a doctor’s gloved index finger on it. My finger is uneducated about such things. It’s benign prostate enlargement. We discussed and we think it’s from lack of use :>))))))))))))))))


  3. Franny is telling you that you’ll have your diaper soon enough. Depends have become quite stylish and comfortable I hear. If my prostate keeps growing, I’ll have to buy a box myself soon.

    Oh…was that too much information? Sorry. I tend to share way too much. I guess that’s an age thing too.


  4. Poor little puppies. It’s a bitch getting old.
    I’m glad they have you to take care of them. I love the sound of howling wind! I hate the feel of howling wind.


  5. I hope the day got better and hang on, Spring is right around the corner.


  6. Franny doesn’t look too happy, either.

    I don’t know why the howling wind grates so much but I hate it, too. I hope something fun happens and cheers you up.


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