Today is my Friday and I”m in a reasonably good mood even though I have a flu shot in my near future.  You know, I watch all of these news shows with footage where people are continuously being stabbed with a needle in the upper arm and no one even flinches…I, who have never really been “afraid” of needles,  rethinks the fear…so I assume that someone who is afraid of needles must be a quivering mass of fear just watching it.  I”m guessing the marathon stabbings are some do-gooders hope to cure the world of needle fear by showing the non-flinchers; but keeping in mind that needles don’t bother me…think it is ridiculous to keep showing it…I’m surprised they don’t have the nurse sprinting across the room, stop in her tracks and throw the needle slow motion into the victim’s arm just to prove to us dimwits that it doesn’t hurt…which reminds me of pepper spray…when I became a reserve police officer, I had to be sprayed with pepper spray before I could use it…the theory is that 1) you will know what your attacker is feeling – physically, that is; 2) you can testify in court that you’ve been sprayed and it didn’t kill you and my 3) you know why your attacker is now really pissed.  The argument was used several times that I don’t have to be shot to see how it feels before I can carry a gun…so why the pepper spraying…which for those of you don’t know…it burns like HELL…and keeps burning..the only way to stop it from burning is to place your face or burning body part in cold water…of course, when you take your head out of the cold water, it burns like HELL.  This burning continues for quite a length of time…which just leads me to the story about catching my finger in the stall door of a women’s restroom this week…OH did it hurt, I mean I sat there for a couple of minutes wondering if my finger would fall off and half hoping it would..because I always heard that having your arm amputated was much better with less bleeding that a knife cut…once I heard the logic of the body naturally shutting off the blood flow, I didn’t find it so astounding because it makes sense…but what about the pain?  Ya and what about pain…how does someone stand the pain of being hit by a car or fall from a few stories up or getting yourself pummeled by someone’s fists…

Glad it is my Friday…

Until next time….


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  1. OMG!  This was the best post ever! hahahahahaha!  Super good!


  2. I hate seeing people get shots.  Ugh!We got our shots Wednesday.  I can’t believe you had to be pepper sprayed.  Doesn’t make sense to me.


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