I find my little mind going way above the speed that is probably safe…oh, I think occasionally, you must zooommm up to a certain speed in order to take care of business, but I also think it is good to come to a coast or just stop and fill up before you hit warp speed again.  I’m not feeling that I’m really overwhelmed most of the time, but when I lay down to sleep or try to just relax watching TV, I find myself having to rewind what I’m watching because I’ve totally missed it.  Totally….

I seem to be seeing a light with mom’s estate stuff.  I have a really great attorney…and I should just put my faith in him and let him do what he is paid to do…but I’ve not dealt with this kind of thing before and have always just taken care of business.  At least, I know there won’t be any loose ends. 

“He” took Baxter to get his shots today…oh speaking of shots…I did get mine yesterday morning and it was brilliantly painless..anyway…Baxter has gained a little weight and vet says we need to start feeding different.  To be quite frank, this scares me.  I know how they circle and meooooowwww when I’ve let their dish run out of food.  Now this man who doesn’t have to live here says we need to put the food away during the day and just feed them twice a day…ya right… I actually fear for the dogs if the cats get hungry enough.

My girls were together tonight for dinner in Kansas City.  I’m heading there in the morning.  Don’t know if I”ll be seeing Katy much…she is there on some type of grant for the Kansas School for the Deaf.  She will be flying to KC once a month.  I know she is there for business but hopefully Jenny and I will at least be able to eat a meal with her this weekend so we can just stare at her…

I’ll be back.

Until next time….


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  1. @Ninasusan – I have 3 cats so I split one can between the 3, 2 x’s a day.  Breakfast and dinner.   Maybe you could use the bigger cans and give them a soup spoon sized serving each and see how that goes?


  2. @Kissedbyadog – Deb…how much wet do you give them??  I was thinking about doing that…keep in mind I have 5 cats…No one gave me an instruction booklet…


  3. I feed mine wet food twice a day and leave dry food out in 3 spots throughout.  One of mine is now an indoor/outdoor cat, the other lives under the bed, and the other roams and sleeps in every room throughout the day.  So – I guess I don’t have any over eaters really.  Although I think the indoor/outdoor one would if she were only indoor.    Hope you have a really nice weekend w/your daughters!


  4. Hello Nina!I have not a clue about all the stuff that went on when my Dad passed away.  My brothers took care of it.  I know you don’t have that luxury.  I hope it will all be done with soon.I hear you about hungry cats.  Leia will actually try to bite us when she is hungry.  She is not a little girl.  She gets fed twice a day with canned food and gets a little dry food before bedtime.  She knows that if she cries enough around Craig he will give her more.  I ignore her and she has learned it is not a good thing to bite the toes of the lady of the house.I hope you can have plenty of time to spend with your daughters.


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