The Roofers are coming this week and he has been telling me that one of the trees out front has been rubbing on the shingles wearing them off, so the tree needs to come down…I normally balk and kick and scream about the death of trees, but I saw his point.  Here she is:


This isn’t my first tree chopping in the last 30 years, and I knew that somewhere I would be asked to participate… 

IMG_2064 IMG_2065 IMG_2066


IMG_2068 IMG_2073

Nervous Nelly was nervous


Benny was terrified


IMG_2074 IMG_2075


7 thoughts on “TIMBERRRRRRRRR

  1. Sweet!  We have some big trees that need to come down.    hint hint……Poor benny.  Hey, he looks like my Big Tony


  2. I’d be nervous, too.  Somehow I always get to be a “helper” for our projects…


  3. @Ninasusan – I’ll see what I can do to cause a crisis that needs me there. 🙂


  4. Remember last year when you were burning the tree stump and somehow that turned into you hurting your knee?I want to come over and meet your doggies and kitties!


  5. We burn anything that is burnable here.  We pay for local trash hauling for everything else.  Actually we burn over tree stumps so it moves around a lot, but by doing so, we burn most stumps into the ground so we don’t have to mow around them.


  6. Looks like a lot of work.  I’d have to say I’d be happy to have all of our trees were gone except for the evergreens.  They create so much work and mess.  I suppose I feel this way because it has been a bad weather and tree year for us.  How do you dispose of all of your ward waste?  Do you have a brush pile, burn it or does your town pick it up? 


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