Ebay…Let loose the restraints on the addiction…..

First – thanks for you who commented and validated my feelings about Craig’s List.  Does not make it any better but at least I know I’m not alone….now on to Ebay.

I love things.  Rhonda Stoller first said this outloud to me…I collect anything lighthouse, I collect anything elephants, I started collecting cows but realized this could get out of control…I wanted to collect antique paper weights but realized that I couldn’t afford it…same with tea pots…I LOVE tea pots..but not really all tea pots..Christa asked me one time what kind of teapots I liked, I couldn’t really tell her..I just know when I see a teapot that I love, I want it.  UP there near the top of my list is shoes…yup…love shoes and then there is dishes.  Table settings…I love doing a beautiful table…I can’t afford a lot of dishes, nor do I have anywhere to put a lot of dishes but I LOVE dishes which brings me to my latest issue…I’m cleaning out china cabinets at mom’s house…I did the cabinet with the glasses, rather anything glass and I appreciate glass but the china patterns…oh the china…I decided a while back that I wanted to collect pink Miss America depression glass.  Mom had a few pieces and I got a couple of things on ebay…I’ve been willing to pay $10-$15 per plate…(sorry, honey, I know you are having a near stroke reading this) but you just can’t get them for $10-15.  I have plans to sell various pieces from mom’s collection on ebay so, of course, I”m required to surf thru ebay for prices and I’ve fallen in love.  The Nippon violet pattern is gorgeous..I bid on several things the other night and did have high bid for a small bowl.  I love the bright dishes – the chintz designs – covered, COVERED with flowers.  I want to have these beautiful pieces so I can admire them daily…their beauty makes me feel good…but I realize I need to practice a little restraint….just a little….

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Ebay…Let loose the restraints on the addiction…..

  1. I don’t do ebay or craigslist.  I have to feel and hold something before I buy it.  I will buy on Amazon because I can look at that stuff in the store before I buy it online and get a better price online.In August there is a large depression glass sale about 45 minutes from here.  It is a wonderful sale.Next time you visit I will have to serve you on my depression glass.  I don’t have one pattern but an eclectic variety.  I have pink and green.If I had room and money, I would have all kinds of dishes.  I used to love to dish shop with my Dad.  He loved dishes too.Happy Monday Nina!


  2. I have to be very carefull with eBay…I get so sucked in!


  3. I go in spits and starts on ebay.  Luckily my collector days are put to bed until that magical someday in my head when I have the perfect house and perfect amount of time and money to enjoy it all.  I come from a long line of collectors!  Ruby glass, depression glass, egg cookers, cookie jars, cake plates, disneyana, betty boop, roosters, the list goes on and on.  I love going to all of their houses to see their collections of things.  Things can be a whole lot of fun.  Ebay is a fantastic exercise in showing restraint!    Have a good one!


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