Craig’s List

The unrelentless scamming from Craig’s list really pisses me off.  I’ve made several entries on the Des Moines and Ames Craig List and am just hammered by folks telling me they want to buy my stuff and want to mail me a check and have someone pick the stuff up…the check, of course, is being sent by the bank and of course, the bank erred and sent too much so would I be kind enough to cash the check and take $50 or $100 for my trouble and send the rest back to them..they are trusting me…you know..I would expect to maybe have an occasional someone trying to screw me out of money but 3 or 4 emails per entry is ridiculous.  Then there are the other emails I get asking me to get back to them because they can show me how to really make money on my sales.  This BS must be working, otherwise there are a lot of people spending a lot of energy for nothing.  It’s pretty much irritated me away from Craig’s List.  What’s the idea…but what a shame that a few screw up a good thing for so many.

He and I have been working on mom’s is a lot of work.  He’s pretty much stripped the kitchen.  I took a few days off due to old age head, my neck, my jaw, my lower back and my hip just to name a few.  I got into the hydrocodone pretty heavy for a few days..I slept like the dead….

That’s about it from here

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Craig’s List

  1. Craigs list is awful.  You would think they would check what was published, but that’s why all of the scams and hookers and pervs are on there.  They can get away with it.Hope you get your Moms house done soon so you can relax and she can enjoy it.


  2. Craigslist here is wicked scummy.  I won’t use it for anything.  I feel dirty and slimmy just visiting the web site.  And if you list something – look out!  It’s relentless and nasty.  A total Ick experience.


  3. Hi, Nina!  It sounds like the sleep  helped a lot – and sleep sure helps most anything, I think!  I am one of those stone-age sorts who has never bought or sold anything on Craigslist or E-Bay.  I’ve bought a couple of books on, lol, and that’s about it!  I’m just afraid of getting ripped off!Good luck with the work at your mom’s house.Kathi


  4. Hi Nina!  It’s nice to see you here.  I’ve missed you.I hate old age crap.  Feel better!


  5. Craigs list is hysterical.  One of the few places where the saying is “seller beware” instead of vice versa.


  6. I like craigslist, but the creepy factor is starting to bug me. I’ve gotten those scams too. But the strange thing was that they were all from the same person, but with a different name on my inbox. i could tell because they kept forwarding it back to me, so i could see all the previous ones. i only answered the first one about the check. my response, “Nice try asshole” Big mistake I guess, just encouraged them. I think most ppl are honest, but a few bad apples…Oh! and hello, just randomly surfing by. lol -Have a nice weekend.


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