5 years cancer free

Flying in from Belize on my 59th birthday, the plan was to land at KCI and head to Saint Luke’s in Lee’s Summit because I was sick and I was worried. While in Belize I had sudden onset of excruciating pain and for the most part slept and ate toast our last couple of days.

A CT scan provided the diagnosis of a serious case of diverticulitis which took several weeks of iv antibiotics to cure. But the bomb shell was these words.

….and we see a suspicious mass on your left kidney which is most likely cancer.

The diagnosis that changed my life….and led me to the path I’m living now. To say kidney cancer was a good thing is kind of ridiculous but I can say for certain that it had a positive effect on my life!

This morning, I received the results from my 5 year CT scan. I am cancer free. I’m feeling all of the emotions of love and gratitude! What a beautiful way to start the day!


5 thoughts on “5 years cancer free

  1. Congrats on being cancer-free. Awesome.


  2. I am so grateful and thankful that you are cancer free! I image that it feels amazing to hear those words! I thank the universe that you are well! Love and hugs dear Nina!

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  3. My heart is so happy to hear that. ❤ Love love love.
    A friend of my dad's is on his way to Cleveland as I type this to have his kidney removed because of cancer.


    • What the urologist told me last week is not only does the other kidney take over the job of both kidneys but the solo kidney actually grows in size to do it. Dr said was just one of those miracles of nature!

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