On attending rock concerts at 60

Cheap Trick, Joan Jett and ❤️Heart at Starlight in Kansas City.  I bought the tickets back in February and I didn’t think the night in August would ever arrive.  We have  attended more concerts in the last 3 years than we have our entire life together.  The weather was perfect for Kansas City in August although it was still warm.  I bought seats a ways back from the stage this time because that damn rock and roll is soooo loud.  He always brings ear plugs and I snickered at the guy ahead of me with BRIGHT green ear plugs in his ears.

The Starlight Theater is an open air venue in the same area as the Kansas City zoo.  It’s one of those places I love.  It is comfortable, huge women’s restrooms, they sky above, reasonable priced food and drink (compared to other venues and stadiums).  It just feels right.  Up away from the seating area is a large eating and smoking area with lots of tables and chairs.  While Cheap Trick was playing, we sat in this area.

Returned to our seats for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts….but when Heart took the stage, the volume drove us back up to the tables.  There was a breeze, I could vape and we were close so when they played a song we liked we just took advantage of standing room behind the arena of seats….at one point, we found two seats that someone had moved adjacent to the big fans….perfect…

Heart is amazing.  Ann Wilson is in her mid 60s and Nancy is 62.  In my opinion they put old male rockers to shame!

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “On attending rock concerts at 60

  1. Heart is amazing. Magic Man practically ends orgasmically.

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