Here’s my sign

Sometimes I am not careful when I hold my sign….there are two sides….one is blank.  When I hold that blank sign up it means…whatever…I’m not terribly concerned about what you think of me and chances are your opinion and/or your opinion of me really has no impact on me during the time you are breathing the same air I am.

Sometimes I hold the other side of the sign up….it says vulnerable…what you say to me can crush me or lift me up in a split second.  I care about you and I care about anything you say whether I agree with it or not.  Unintended words or tone of voice can send me into myself to re evaluate something I might have said or can make me feel euphoric.

On the days I leave my sign at home….I’m feeling confident….it’s pretty difficult to knock a chip off my block….you may recognize this person as laughing, listening and loving….with Nina-isms rolling out of my mouth faster than I can control them.

But one thing you can count on whether I’m carrying my sign or not I will treat you with respect….let me back up…I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve cleared my senses and spewed a little hatred to someone who desperately asked for it.  But, really, there’s a part of me that isnt  proud of my self control!

you may be wondering who pissed HER off today…I can only respond that I Had my sign with me.

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Here’s my sign

  1. Pretending to not be pissed off would be more of a problem in my mind. Why do we always have to act as if we have our acts together? Throw a fit privately if need be.

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  2. I totally get it. Can relate completely. Tomorrow is another day and time helps. But some things are never forgotten. Maybe tucked away to be rarely thought about, but still not forgotten. Hope it wasn’t that kind of day.

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