How does one know the cats are in charge?

  • Who finds another place to sit because furniture is occupied by cats..they look so cute!
  • When quiet is consistently broken by a cat every time it walks into the room
  • When the human must go out of their way to avoid the cat sleeping in the middle of the floor
  • When the human returns after a day away only to be obviously ignored by the cat
  • When human is frequently freaked out by cat running, jumping and following things human can’t see
  • When more than one cat rounds-up the human when it is time to eat.  Precisely 5:15
  • When dog is required to sleep on hard floor while cats cozy in on dogs bed
  • When human no longer pushes cat off the table because they are enjoying sun
  • When human opens th window on a warm day because cat won’t shut up until he’s laying in the window
  • When human must beat the mouse to death with broom because cats just want to play
  • When human decides one cat a night can sleep on the bed as long as they follow calendar on bedroom door
  • You’ve never seen a cat clean out a litter box, have you?

2 thoughts on “How does one know the cats are in charge?

  1. Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt and have never forgotten…People own dogs. Cats own people and have no intention of letting you forget it.

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  2. nice to see this list. as a new first time cat owner (ooops; correction: cat slave 🙂 ) it helps me to understand and tolerate my lovely cat 🙂

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