Ripping the arms off

I have a strong earthly tie to trees…especially weeping willows.  Years ago we planted two weeping willow trees in the backyard and I would frequently find myself down at the bottom of our property standing under the trees feeling secure and letting the leaves gently brush along my arms or my head.  I left a lot of sadness and angst to those trees.

My dad used to plant a lot of trees in our back yard when I was a kid.  I think he felt the trees too.  I didn’t think he would ever harm a tree; but, after my Grandma passed away, he had a large grove of trees removed from the farm in order to expand the planting area.  I was no longer a kid…I was an adult and it shook me.  I understood but I was devastated.

This morning, we cleaned up some limbs on trees in our back yard.  I take no credit…he did all of the work but I offered my valuable opinion.  Several limbs were hanging down over our deck and out in the yard, several were just gasping for relief – close enough to the ground to become a problem.

As soon as this happened.  I felt really uncomfortable.  I felt like we had just ripped the arms off of this tree.

This one … Not so much…it was unsightly

And worse…it really obstructed our view of the pond…and I actually felt like these long skinny limbs reaching out so far was not good for the tree.

If you made it through here and think I’m a total nut…thats okay…happy to confirm…but if you understand me – tree hungers unite!

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Ripping the arms off

  1. Fellow tree hugger right here, I understood every word!!

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