We dream….

As a child, I can remember my mom quizzing me on spelling words on Sunday night.  After several rounds, she always said that I should sleep on it and I will be surprised how my spelling will have improved over night.  It was true.  I tried to pass on this wisdom of respecting your dreams…they are part of your mental process.  There are the dreams you totally do not remember…then there are the dreams that will haunt you all day long.  You have two choices….figure it’s just your mind going insane or study the dream….not the characters, not the strangers,not necessarily the good things our bad things about the dream but how the dream makes you feel on a deeper level.  There are all kinds of books out there to tell you that if you dream you are in school naked, it means this or if your teeth are gone it means this.  For me, to examine how I felt in the dream…my emotions….and what is going on in my life past or present that makes me feel the same way.  I’m naked in school = I’m feeling vulnerable…I can’t get anything done and doing something over and over = I’m feeling disorganized.

I struggled yesterday with the value of a friendship I’ve had since my teen years…it’s not going well.  For the most part it causes me angst and negativity and it just doesn’t feel good anymore.  Last night I dreamed that I was struggling, disorganized and couldn’t get anything done….friends would sit and watch me but not lift a hand coming to my aid…but virtual strangers – acquaintances were there to lend support.  I was very insecure and sad about the friends and felt security and appreciation for the acquaintance who stepped in to help.  I woke up feeling that I knew what way to turn on the path.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “We dream….

  1. I’m a wicked dreamer … (I dream a lot) I totally get this.

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  2. Your subconscious mind knows what is going on even though your conscious mind is confused. When you are asleep, you are out of your own way. Clarity shines through.

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