Apparently I did not get the proper ram rod stick up my spine, reserved, half wave traits of my English ancestors.  Instead perhaps In the womb, I was blessed with the more boisterous, loud belly laugh traits of my Irish ancestors minus the love of beer.  But I do love the word, Wanker!  I love to listen to English, Australian and for that matter New York/New Jersey intonations.  Because I speak Iowa with a ripple of Missouri now, I’ve found that when visiting other countries….just having a grasp on how to play charades can get you by.

A few months ago, he decided to learn to speak Spanish on line.  He totally gets it…he was blessed with the brain to not just pick up a few words but to speak in complete sentences.  I border on pride and mild irritation since he moved these Spanish speaking people into our house….they aren’t really in our house…But I find the constant chatter between him and the man and woman in the app to be …. What’s the word?  He is constantly talking to one of them … Sometimes I don’t even hear him when he is speaking to me because I just assume he is talking to one of them.  With all of that being said…I married a smart man.  I’m blown away that at 64 years old, he is still learning…especially when my last attempt at a foreign language was French in high school which I failed miserably…I decided my mind just does not work like that.  The best part is he told me he is learning Spanish so that he will be able to communicate for us when we visit a Spanish speaking country….but my heart is set on visiting England and Amsterdam and Ireland next…at least I can help out with Wanker.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “Wanker

  1. OMG I am laughing so hard! Don’t feel alone though. The only reason I passed high school french was because I kind of accidentally on purpose led the teacher to believe i was going to major in it. 😀 Wanker! hahahaha!

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  2. You are luck to have such a smart husband. Sounds like he is using Rosetta Stone. I am using Duolingo, just to give my brain something constructive to do while Barry watches TV. Also, accents are hilarious. Many years ago, one of my brothers got married in Boston and I heard the bride talking about the “wedding potty.” I about died laughing.


    • hahahaha. Actually he is doing Dueling also as well as one that starts with an M but I can’t tell you what it is. We tried to use Rosetta Stone for Italian. I flunked out…I don’t know what happened to him 🙂


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