I saw diamonds sparkling on the water

I’ve found the lighter I am emotionally, the clearer I can see.  I can remember back in the day he would be excited about nature’s beauty…ya…he can still spot a hawk sitting on a utility pole 30 feet high from 5 miles away and I’m not impressed.  a bald eagle in a tree…yes.  A pelican swooping up a fish from the sea water…yup….even a family of cardinals foraging for food….I will go so far to say that I’ve heard the song of a melodic bird and stopped to listen.  I can also remember back in the day, I heard my name being bellowed so I could see a rainbow arcing above the landscape but I had way too much other stuff on my mind to appreciate it.  I am so thankful I can now see the beauty of nature and circumstances.

We took a walk around the pond late morning and I noticed with a keen eye that the cherry trees are starting to bud.  I examined them with love remembering how their short lived flowering season had me mesmerized last year and it was worth a walk to the other side of the pond every day so as not to miss a single day of their beauty and scent.  As we made our way around, I took a seat on a bench with the heat from the sunshine on my face and noticed for the first time ever the diamonds dancing on the wind blown water.  It was breathtaking.

I have missed so much ….. but I am aware now…I will go forward with all of my senses in tune to the beauty all around me.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “I saw diamonds sparkling on the water

  1. Fishing on the Wapsipinicon below the dam in Anamosa early in the morning as the sun was rising, I saw an eagle flying over. It was kind of breath taking as it was accompanied by the constant low roar of the water from the river.

    I always loved fishing that river. Small mouth,walleye and northern pike were in abundance, but the most relaxing part of those days was the sound of the water continually spilling over the dam. It would put me in the zone and I swear I could hear that sound long after I went home.

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  2. Good for you! I truly believe nature is the best medicine. And one you start noticing, you can’t stop. Glad you’re taking the time, you’ll never regret it.


  3. I understand this. For me depression is quite a blinder. I also have missed so much. I am glad that the haze has cleared for you. It is a beautiful world out there.

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