Few things make Jenny happier than when she and I show up together wearing similar clothes….but I dont just do it with Jenny.  The family went to see Thomas the Train last year and Justin and I looked like we should be piloting gondolas

We met family from the other side of Missouri in Columbia and Jenny and I Were wearing very similar plaid shirts….she was thrilled.  I only wish we would have been in public last night when she showed up to pick up Jax.

  I think we are totally adorable…she’s never wearing the shirt again!

Blessed with another perfect weather day today……he was helping neighbor, Dave, this morning put a new ceiling in the  shelter house beside the pond.  Jax and I walked down to see them just as a loud gaggle of geese were landing on the pond…..also noticed buds on lilac bushes…and by golly I saw a hawk in a tree.  I love spring!

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Twinsies 

  1. That’s awesome! I thought Shanna and I were the only ones who did that. She says i copy her, but I say where do you think you got your style in the first place!
    Sounds like a nice day. I was happy to see geese on the pond today as well and it lifts my spirits to hear birds outside!


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