My Greek birthday evening

My amazing niece took us out for dinner last night.

Tassos Greek Restaurant in KC!  This was my first Greek experience and now do I not only want to return to the restaurant but I want to experience Greece!

Live music with two very fun musicians playing a guitar, flute, sax enhanced with electronic percussion.  The guitarist/vocalist had Neil Diamond’s voice for Neil Diamond songs.

Christina bought me a plate to break on the dance floor promising good luck or at least the release of dark shadows.

and then the Belly dancer…….click on the link.


Very fun night.  Thanks family and especially thanks Xtina for making it all happen ❤️

4 thoughts on “My Greek birthday evening

  1. No on both.mmtrying to avoid sugar so no to the baclava. And saw something wrapped in grape leaves but didn’t try it!


  2. did you have ouzo and food wrapped in grape leaves…some baklava for dessert?


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