12 to 18 inches of dental floss is plenty

I think conflict is very healthy.  I learned that when someone disagrees with me I have 3 options….a brawl, a respectful discussion or ignore and move on.  I choose one of these options depending on how important the topic of disagreement seems to be.  Politics…I usually just move on.  Religion…I can have a healthy, respectful discussion because I’m open to different ideas but for the most part, I ignore and move on.  Money…I talk about money especially where shopping is involved.  Dental floss…grab ahold of something stable because I’m coming for you!  You don’t need to wrap dental floss around both hands, string it down around your ankle to adequately floss your teeth.  I have had to stand over people who borrow my dental floss and scream in their face THAT IS ENOUGH….STOP NOW.  I have no idea why this is such an irritant for me.  I tore off approximately 19 inches this morning and decided I would just save it in my drawer to use next time because it would be difficult to tie the extra, unneeded floss back on the roll.

I have a thing about toilet paper too.  I’m a rebel and hang it underneath but quite frankly when I’m grabbing for it, it really makes no difference.  I don’t even really care how many squares others use.  But I cannot understand those people who fold rather than just crunch.  I won’t go into detail here but think about it people!

I voted.  Hope you did too.

Until next time….

11 thoughts on “12 to 18 inches of dental floss is plenty

  1. Love this! It makes me NUTS when W refuses to shake the ketchup or mustard bottle but must instead get a napkin and squirt out the excess water that collects when it’s unused. Just shake it!!!!!!!!!

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  2. having said all that, I would make mustard illegal. it is noxious. opening a jar is like opening a baby diaper. even the smallest amount is too much. .

    everyone that ate mustard in the 19th century died…see what I mean…it should be illegal

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  3. Right now I’m flossing with a 23 inch piece. I’m only planning on using 12 inches. Shall I clip the excess off and mail it to you?

    re: TP…really? Have you tried folding? It’s much tidier and if your concerned about yardage, much less is used.

    You are just so wrong and intolerant about both of these issues that I’m not sure we can be friends.

    You think you know people – sheesh – and they turn out to be floss misers.

    So what about kleenex? One or two? (‘facial tissue’ always sounds like a mass of bloody meat)

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  4. Yeah I get it with the toilet paper!! But I won’t go into detail either. 😀 Saving the used dental floss tho, ya lost me there. Because my grandfather had a thing about not throwing away “perfectly good” things. When I cleaned his house, the stuff that bothered me the most were all the dental floss thingys all over the place. I just know they were used. He also dried out paper towels and reused those. And there was a drawer of used baggies. Just yuck. LOL It is funny what annoys different ppl!

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  5. It’s funny how what bothers one person, others do not even notice. I saw a child a couple weeks ago that was absolutely terrified of a lazy, friendly Boston terrier. I wondered if he had been terrorized by an out-of-control chihuahua or shihtzu as a toddler. That’s what makes humans entertaining. Everyone’s got something.

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