Life as a sugar snob

If you have ever been a cigarette smoker and broken the habit, it is quite  likely you are a cigarette snob.  You notice how much better you feel, you are no longer obsessed about running out of cigarettes at an inconvenient moment, you notice how bad smokers actually smell.  That lingering odor that finally cycles thru the air exchanger 5 minutes after the smoker walks out of the room….if you are an ex smoker, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  You see a person hidden in the smoke haze  and think…don’t they know what they are doing to them self…if I can quit, everyone can quit. Uh huh…the cigarette snob.

He and I stopped at Perkins Restaurant yesterday for lunch.  I had not eaten breakfast and was feeling the beginnings of a hungry mood coming on.  Apparently on Monday  Perkins restaurant offers a free slice of pie with an entre.  He and I have  been off sugar for quite some time.  That’s not to say we avoid all hidden sugars but we are trying to eat food that is good for us and sugar is not good for us in any form.  I thought about a slice of pie with each bite of my salad.  Since giving up sugar, I have been wearing a sugar snob badge.  We seldom eat at restaurants but when we do, I’m very aware of the sugar laden foods being consumed.  I want to grab the fork out of someone’s hand before they stuff the syrup covered pancake in their mouth.  So when the waitress returned to the table to ask if we had decided on our pie….we caved.  Before I dug into the best piece of pie I have ever eaten (peanut butter silk), I looked around for a sugar nazi.  I knew there had to be someone like me sitting close judging me….someone who didn’t know this was my first dessert/sugar in a month.  But I didn’t see any sugar police and whatsmore after the first bite I felt no guilt…I just shoveled it in.

I really need to stop being so judgemental.  It is not an attractive trait!

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Life as a sugar snob

  1. Don’t feel bad. The food “snobs” I know have all had serious digestive/medical issues that caused them to be extra careful in their choices. If I had the medical issues they had, I might be even worse than them. I consider myself lucky and try to be moderate in my sugar/junk food consumption. My weakness is BBQ potato chips. Everyone has something.

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  2. It’s OK. I had a couple of glasses of white wine on Christmas Eve with my fettuccine Alfredo. I also tried some hard root beer in January. The root beer was disappointing in flavor – too sweet – but I actually got a bit of a buzz off one can. The wine at Christmas was Australian and it was remarkably bad.

    I’ve been wanting a real beer for awhile now and there’s been a bit of a longing for a tequila sunrise. I will probably do the first, but not the last. Alcohol is really not good for my blood pressure. If I’m conscious on my death bed, bring me a tequila sunrise OK? If it finishes me off, it won’t matter. You can have some pie as I pass.

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  3. In this type of situation I think being judgemental ‘s what keeps you in line. If you start thinking it isn’t too bad it will become easier ad easier too slip into old patterns.
    I bet that pie was good!

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