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Many of the threads weaved through my personality I don’t particularly like.  When I can name them…like the judgemental knot…I work with the seam ripper and try to slowly pull and rip the thread out.  Revenge (or holding a grudge) is another one of those totally unattractive soul rippers that blocks the way for inner peace.  I can probably put a board game icon on the spot I learned about grudges…not necessarily revenge…but for me one follows the other in no particular order.  It’s really only those people who have consistently shit in my wheaties that I want to get even with…”they’ll get there’s some day and I hope it is by me”.  A little sidebar there.

Private browsing.  I laughed out loud this morning when I got my latest Apple Safari tip.  For you non Apple people, whenever Apple adds a new feature which enhances everything good about using Apple vs Windows, there is a tip page which introduces and explains the new feature.  Today I learn that Apple has introduced Private browsing.  By clicking Safari private browsing, your surfing can be done with out cookies and without logging it to your history.  When you exit private browsing, supposedly POOF it is gone.  I find this amusing with all of the FBI vs Apple aka FBI vs my privacy crap that is going on right now.  I laugh out loud because I feel like Apple is saying to the Government.  Ok…what do you think about this….

It’s probably just an awesome feature that has been in the works for some time but coming out right now caused me to have one of those revenge thoughts.  Not that I believe anything I use the computer for is really private but…ya….so there…government…what do you think of that….PRIVACY!

Until next time….

9 thoughts on “Private browsing

  1. Have you moved again or are you observing a period of silence? I worry. I don’t even see any bubbles.

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  2. The best revenge? Drive up to Pella and get a wood chipper from Vermeer. They are both safe and effective…for you. They can do a real number on I-Phones, tablets, laptops and hard drives which is the most private of all browsing. I’m lead to believe that unconscious humans go thru them seamlessly too, though you will want to put thru a few tree limb after for clean up.

    Seriously though, private browsing is offered by all the major browsers now. I have been using Firefox for quite awhile. I have no delusions though. The internet servers may not know it’s me, but by current device has everything in it buried in code for anyone to find. If a government hack would jack into it, they would find everything if they wanted to.

    The only way to make your searches safe is maybe a TOR browser. It chews up and hides everything. It is very slow though because it uses a generic IP address for your searches, but it will also allow you to go places on the net that others can’t find. You can go to the darknet if you like. It is supposed to be an unseemly place, but interesting nevertheless.


  3. HA! yes, the timing couldn’t be better. And it probably has been in the works. But I betcha they hurried it along. Can’t you just picture the discussion about it in their offices? hahaha

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