The Fiat 500

Gena and I  are always surprised how much room there is in the back seat of the him-in-law’s Fiat

 To be totally honest…that is what we said prior to the feast at Bare Bones BBQ tonight.  When entering the back seat of the Fiat, you must pay attention and not just squeeze inside in a hurry…not even if you are in a hurry to save your life because you must be cognizant of the fact that you must exit the vehicle ducked and bent over in exactly the same manner as  you entered the vehicle….and one would never want to be in the back of the Fiat with anyone occupying the front seat that you don’t trust with your life!  It would be virtually impossible to escape without the front seat occupants assistance.  Period.

My loyal partner of 36 years has been a faithful mate!  If a woman on the street catches his eye, I would not know it…he’s just one of those guys.

Until FOR CRYING OUT LOUD tonight.  It was my idea for us to hit the ice cream shop after dinner…he’s driving and we pull up in front of the ice cream shop…two female employees are sitting outside…he gets out of the car, slams the door and makes his way to the door of the shop (I believe I hear giggle giggle but it could have been the heat rushing from my ears) before he realizes that he has locked his wife in the back seat…the him-in-law was just standing outside his car door  waiting to assist his future bride out.  I was pretty sure that him in law was also wondering WTH his brother was doing.  He may or may not have heard my expletive about his brother totally forgetting his wife when he sees a couple of other women.  Needless to say, the embarrassed man who locked his wife in the backseat of the car bought ice cream for four.  And thus begins our week long foursome vacation.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “The Fiat 500

  1. I am reminded of a story. My Mom and Dad and maternal grandmother went to Arizona to see my great uncle. They all went to the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead – I think that’s what it’s called. Anyway, while they were at the lake, they went to a swimming area. There were a lot of scantily clad women in the swimming area. My Dad and my uncle got out of the car and stood there staring, ignoring Mom and Grandma in the car. My 80 something uncle leaned over to my Dad and says, “fresh meat!”

    Do you understand now?

    You see, this is the way of men. We are like this all our lives. We learn how not to get caught, but we are always looking – even at 80 something. Fortunately, by that time, we are unable to do anything about it.

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    • Actually when he explained himself he maintains that he was driving my brother in laws car and not my car which has 4 doors! It makes sense so I will give him a get out of jail card for this one…..


      • Is there another vehicle involved in this random vacation? I’m thinking there is no way that the luggage of two women would fit in this wind up car, let alone the men’s shaving kits. No offense there, but I have seen these at the rental places at the airport. An overnight business person can barely get their belongings into them. Looks like it would make a great ‘around town car’, but I do not think it would be ideal for a vacation.


      • This time we have my Juke….one car….it’s not huge but he got it all in there. We are learning to pack light!


  2. Oh keep us posted. Love Gena/Nina stories!!!!! Are u traveling somewhere?

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