The cutest 5 syllables I heard today

After we dropped our 2 year old motor mouth off with his mama the other day, we were talking about how bad we felt that we don’t remember language milestones of our girls.  Every week we notice huge leaps in his language skills … His vocabulary, his parroting of our words and putting sentences together.  Parents are just too busy raising their kids, cooking meals, working outside the home and trying to survive to be able to appreciate the amazing transformation from infant to child to the dreaded teens years and on.

That’s why we have grandchildren!  So we can slow down and enjoy the process.

At this age, I’m not the beloved grandparent….that title belongs to papa…but Gama gets her moments.

My o meal gets his attention?  This afternoon snack was O meal for Jax and Gma.  I always make his first but tell him he has to wait because it is hot and he rambles on about it until mine is cooked.  

Today my heart sang when I took my oatmeal out of the microwave and he looked up at me from the floor and said….smells like it’s ready!

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “The cutest 5 syllables I heard today

  1. Has he cussed yet? I wonder what Grandma will do then? Will there be laughter or a ‘who taught you that’ or a soap bar in the mouth?
    “Dammit Grandma, where the @#$% are my toys?”
    Ah…isn’t that cute.


  2. Buy a 5 x 7 journal and write his sayings. Fun to go back and read when he is an adult.

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  3. Buy a 5×7 journal and write these down. Fun to go back and read when he is all grown up.


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